Monday, 22 August 2011 00:00

Natural Gas as an Environment-friendly Solution?

Every time, when people talk about fuel, energy and power, they think about crude oil. About that source, that has to be refined, burned and bought for a very high price. Just to mention the two most popular sorts, the White Texas Intermediate and the European Brent oil. We always talk about how less crude we have now and how important it is to find and use new energies. But what about natural gas?

Natural gas. Our number one power for households to heat and cook. It needs no refining, which is a very important factor. The use of compressed natural gas, also known as CNG, “produces no unburnt carbon soot, no sulphur, no brown cloud. Just carbon dioxide and water (food for trees).” A very environment-friendly solution, if you ask me. But why don't we use this source as much as crude oil? Isn't there enough?

Quite the contrary! Natural gas is found in great amounts. America, for instance, has got almost the same amount of natural gas, as Saudi Arabia. If Americans would use natural gas even for their vehicles, they could stop importing crude oil, because the demand would be satisfied, even if we know, that America has got enough crude for the next 137 years, but that's another topic.

Anyway, it would be a good try to see how CNG works with vehicles. Honda has been factoring a CNG based car since 1998. In addition, it plans to make CNG available for every American consumer. They also think about building own CNG Fuel Stations for homes. The company BRC FuelMaker already offers the possibility to install an own CNG station at home, for $4,500. Not a convenient solution, but who knows how everything will turn out in the next few years?

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