Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:39

Three Reasons Gas Prices are High

Why Are Oil Prices High?

President Obama should look in a mirror and blame his inept Mideast policy. Of course President Bush could do the same. 

The second reason gas prices are high is inept policy by central bankers around the globe, in particular the Fed. Liquidity did not go where central bankers are desperate for it to go (housing), instead it went into food, energy, and the stock market. The president and members of Congress blame speculators.

The third reason gas prices are so high is the US is in a constant state of war for 10 years. Iraq, Afghanistan,  and next up Iran. The amount of jet fuel wasted in these endeavors is staggering, so is the amount of gasoline and diesel transporting troops to 140 countries around the globe. 

Obama does not want to admit any of the above, so instead he blames the energy companies.

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