Monday, 25 July 2011 13:02

Legend Oil and Gas Ltd

As we all know, after starting the “wonderful” Quantitative Easing II ("QE2") program in November 2010, the prices of crude oil are in a hiking process. Also the weak dollar and China's taking over actions, the crude traders had to live really excited days in the last months. The prices of WTI and Brent are around $100 or even higher and there are no improvements to await.

But, while almost every big company stays under Wall Street's control, we may find other little companies, so called “independent” firms, that don't look very affected by this crisis. Let's take for example the Legend Oil and Gas Ltd. A company based in Seattle. Works in the acquisition, exploration, exploitation, development, and production of oil and gas properties. It is not followed by Wall Street, and this makes it a real profitable trade partner for others. It also has a big stock on crude oil and gas. But the best of all is the price offered for this materials.

Around $2.28 per barrel. Isn't this an incredible number? Just look at the actual WTI and Brent charts: $99.08 and $117.15 per barrel!

However, the Legend Oil and Gas Ltd signed in the last days a very profitable contract with International Sovereign Energy Corp to adopt ISR's interests in land and production in Canada.


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