Thursday, 07 July 2011 08:31

Apps to Save on Gas

Gas prices are getting up and we barely can do something about it. The only solution to take care about our money is to take care about how much fuel were using. There are several methods, like driving more slowly, carrying less package and turning the engine off by stops.

But it is more important to know how much our cars consume. And for this we can not carry our mechanic all the time with us. Exactly for cases like this, there are some great Android Apps for us, which analyze and record our mileage and consumption in an easy way.

The Mileage Tracker, for example, is a great solution for recording mileage and fuel costs for your business.

My Cars is a complex app, which tracks mileage and records fuel related data, but it can show you as well which vehicle is better, which consumes less and it gives you also a maintenance record.

Trip Master is a GPS based app, records all tracking data and sends it via email to your computer. The only issue may be, that it doesn't show metrics and/or currencies.

We barely have the time to watch out how many miles we were driving or how many gallons of fuel we consumed in the last hours. This little apps should help to record all this important data and help us to use just as much as we really need.

The QR codes for the apps:

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