Monday, 13 June 2011 10:12

Remember This Next Time You Fill Your Auto With Gas

While on the road last spring I listened to an interview on public radio with Steven Chu, Obama's Energy Secretary, when he stated he thought $7.00 a gallon gas would do the trick in the US. "The trick" he was speaking of was the Obama Administration's goals for the American car owner.

I was driving but I still scribbled down what he said. Think about it next time you're standing outside your auto filling it with gas that should cost about half of what you're paying.

In response to a moderator who himself was very hopeful for much higher gas prices, Chu said this: "Somehow we have to find a way to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe. As I've stated before, $7.00 per gallon would be my desired price. We could help prices ease toward that number by a gradual increase in gas taxes, using the excuse for them as the infrastructure. This would force the American people, finally, to sell their gas guzzlers, and buy more efficient cars. And too to move to houses closer to their work. Yes, somewhere around $7.00 per gallon ought to accomplish that."

Remember what Chu said in September 2008. At least when you fill the gas tank of your car...

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