Wednesday, 16 November 2011 00:00

The Mamba Gas Reserve, New Discoveries

Yet another monstrous natural gas deposit was revealed under the waters off the coast of Mozambique. 

"The Mamba South 1 discovery well is located in water depths of 1585 meters approximately 40 km off Cabo Delgado coast, in the Northern offshore of Mozambique. This is the first exploration well in Area 4."? 

The new digits exceed pre-drill estimates. Eni says that the recent discovery will turn the Rovuma Basin into a world-class natural gas provider. "The well will be drilled to reach an expected total depth of around 5000 meters. After completion of drilling and testing activities, the rig will move to drill the second commitment well, Mamba North 1."

Source: Eni announces a giant gas discovery offshore Mozambique

The exploration success in Mozambique expands the leadership of Eni in Africa by opening a new eastern front of activities.

Eni is the operator of Offshore Area 4 with a 70-percent participating interest. Co-owners in the area are Galp Energia (10 percent), KOGAS (10 percent) and ENH (10 percent, carried through the exploration phase).

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