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Wind Energy – A Fairy Tale

As every fairy tale, the story doesn't seem to fit the reality. I think, it is the same with wind energy. They promise you clean, environmental-friendly energy, no pollution, no natural catastrophes or incidents that destroy life, the save of not renewable resources an much more. We all hear this stuff everyday. But, just ask a neighbour of a wind turbine, how nice it is to live next to this bio monster.

Does he like the noise and the health problems the wind turbines cause to him and his family? Is he okay with the high possibility of depression, concentration and sleep problems? What is his opinion about the hundreds of turbines on his land and the banned flying creatures as birds an bats from their home?

The best part of it is the saving of raw material and the power part. First of all, the turbines are made of tones of steel and other, not so natural materials. Secondly, the power isn't regulated. Wind is not an element, that works after a schedule. It blows when he wants. This happens normally during just a few a day. Then the turbines have a 17 hours break. Not to talk about the gas-fired generators, that consume a lot of electric current while they turn on and off.

And don't forget about the financial contributors of these projects: the taxpayers! And, of course, about the long-time damage of our health, about the absolutely unused hours and the relativ efficiency. But hey! At least you don't have to be afraid a nuclear plan would explode next to you after an earthquake.

However, let us be kind and try to understand Obama's dream of this clean energy of the future.

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