Monday, 06 June 2011 16:11

Unexpected Accident – Chevron

The US-Combine Chevron suffered last week an unexpected shock. Their oil refinery from Wales exploded on Thursday afternoon during maintenance work. 4 workers lost their lives, one got hardly injured and has been taken to the hospital.

The cause of the tragedy is still unclear, Chevron assumes it has been an accident. The fact is, a tank of 730 cubic meters took fire, and also another one had been damaged. The fire could be stopped immediately by the firefighters and helpers, although a thick smoke cloud covered the area in several places, kilometers ahead.

Of course, the combine manages an own investigation in this case with US experts. The industry plant near Pembroke counts to the biggest refineries in Europe, with 1400 employees and with a refine productivity of 220,000 barrels crude per day.

However, even without this accident, the plant from Wales will change owner in the near future. It's supposed, that the US energy company Valero bought it for 503 Mio. Euros.

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