Wednesday, 12 October 2011 00:00

The Solyndra Drama

Obama's dream factory, Solyndra, which had to spread the power of solar panels and clean energy in the U.S.A., was on the wreck since February 2011. Today, Solyndra is not just a special political topic about corruption and lies, but also a big hole full with debts.

The firm with a $535 million loan guarantee has lost now every worker, letting a great amount of unemployed people after itself.

The problem is that Solyndra started as a governments company. And the government is about making politics, gaining power, not making profit. And the dream of a cleaner environment and green power isn’t useful, as long as the government is killing the national economy.

It’s always a big risk and it should be a Warning sign for every taxpayer, when the government talks about investments. All this runs with our hardly- earned cash, and as we may see in the case of Solyndra, these billions of dollar are swallowed from these “investors” without a trace.

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