Thursday, 23 June 2011 10:42

The relationship Crude-Dollar

The dollar took a good curve after the declining new boom helps, although the US economy does not shows any sign of recovery. While the Euro dropped below $1.43, the Crude oil prices are lowering.

At the start of the month, after the OPEC meeting, the value of Brent and WTI had raised enormously. However, now the prices are in a fast sinking process. A barrel of the North-European Brent oil costs around $113.21, $1.7 less. The US American light oil sort WTI dropped almost $1.66, and a barrel amounts now $94.26.

This are also the results of the American economical politics. At this time, the situation was that the reserves of oil were too small, so the buying of oil marked the market, but now the dollar course took the first place in the interest rate politics of the FED (Federal Reserve Bank). Their statistics even show weaker prices for these two sorts of oil. While WTI remains at $94, after them, Brent should reach $111 per barrel.

But not just the US economical situation influences several trade sections. For instance, the gold and silver course is raising because of the Greek crisis, which wastes not just the Euro but also the economy of other, stronger European countries.

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