Friday, 09 September 2011 00:00

The Problem with Green Dreams

Crude Oil Prices is actually not a political blog. Here, we are only talking about crude oil, the future and the prices of this resource and other news in connection with it. But seeing how fanatical some “big” and “important” persons try to replace this strong and effective material, it is hard for us not to write about that too.

As you my read in this Townhall article, American people start to question the green strategy Obama is following. Not just because of the high costs, the few researches and the fact, that not everybody can use this environmental-friendly plants, but, as loyal taxpayers, they question the believability of this green companies.

The latest example for this, Solyndra. Years ago, this company should assure new jobs, now thousands of people are unemployed. The company didn't just went bankrupt, there is also a rumour about corruption.

Americans started also to question Obama's believability. Does he really, fanatically want to turn energy production to green, or is this just the part of a plan to make money?

However, experts say, Solarys will not be the last smashed green company and that the number of unemployed people will take higher rates.

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