Friday, 01 July 2011 11:32

South Korea's Crude Oil Import

After the successful crisis pass in Greece, the international economy points its attention on the Indian and Chinese inflation. However, the fourth-largest crude oil buyer country of the east region of Asia, South Korea, showed up with impressing results at the end of the month.

As the Ministry of Knowledge Economy said in its new statement, South Korea imported in June 8,7% more crude than last month. In addition, even last years import of 67,6 million barrels raised to almost 73,5 millions this year. However, this process went off during the highest prices of crude, so they even had to pay almost $107,5 per barrel.

The actual prices are partial influenced by the announcement of the International Energy Agency, which said, that 30 countries will release their emergency reserves, to bring the oil prices back to normal.

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