Friday, 14 October 2011 00:00

Oil Catastrophes

It looks like there has to be every year some oil catastrophe somewhere in the world. Last year the Gulf of Mexico, now the coast of New Zealand - not to talk about the sad events in the North Sea, where the Wappenmeer is one of the most endangered seas of the world.

What is now happening in New Zealand could be one of the greatest catastrophes of the country in the past 40 years. But we also have to consider that this wreck of ship is actually a carrier of containers, not an oil ship. Not a tanker with hundreds of thousands tonnes of crude oil. The only oil Rena contains it’s its own fuel.

Of course, even the 300 tonnes of fuel spilled in the water are tragic, and also the other 1,700 tonnes waiting on board.

I may sound a bit cold and mean, but I think this mess will be relative easier to clean up, as that one a year ago.

But what it’s annoying to me today, is that even with the “high tech” methods, catastrophes like this can not be avoid and/or prevented. Why is it so hard to navigate that ship right, when we got so much help from our GPS, satellite and other gadgets? And the accident took place right on the skipper's birthday... what a douche!

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