Wednesday, 10 August 2011 09:37

Gasoline Prices and the average consumer

Crude oil showed such high prices this year, like never before. This expensive barrels of around $100.00 have also a big influence on the gasoline and fuel prices.

Ten years ago, a gallon gasoline barely reached $2.00. Today, the price hiked up to $3.83. Considering that US citizens consume around 378 million gallons gasoline a day, which makes around $1,448 billions. People have to save and cut back all the time home repairs or sport events, so that they can pay their gasoline bills. Spending $136 per week, just to pay your motor isn't fun.

Until now, the family driving season made the prices going lower, but today even this is changing. The gasoline and crude oil prices depend to much on the politics and international conflicts.

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