Wednesday, 06 July 2011 10:53

Gas Prices Raising – How Can We Save On Gas?

Crude Oil prices don't show any kind of recovering signs any more. A barrel of WTI costs $96.78, Brent $112.74 per barrel. Even if we have had this prices months ago, the gasoline prices in the United States are now hiking up very fast.

In California you can barely find a gas station with gallons under $3.81. Just look at the map and make your own opinion. Is this insane?

For most of the people, yes. But we can't do much against it. The only thing to save our money is to pay attention to our driving habits. As a the mechanic, Jason Rynearson from Roseville, CA, says, there are some good points to remind of if you want to use less gas.

First of all you should drive in a temperate and smooth way, take care about the speed limit and carry less weight. All this are the major factor of using gallons of gas. But also very important is not to over inflate the tires and to turn your engine off while your waiting in pile-ups or at fast food restaurants.

Actually, this tips used to work, but it is ridiculous indeed to see prices getting up in such a fast rhythm.


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