Thursday, 13 October 2011 00:00

EPA and the Jobs

Nowadays it is a trend to shot down old, polluting coal plants and renovate them into modern high-technical natural gas burning facilities. A great idea for the environment, as far as natural gas is much cleaner and cheaper than coal or crude oil, but even that doesn’t minimize the costs of a plant like this.

The only problem is, just like we can see in the case of the LG&E, the impact of EPA. The US Environmental Protection Agency is forcing little companies like this to follow their regulations, which, however, could mean even $800 millions dollars of costs, that are also forced to follow a foreign schedule. IN addition, if they decide to shut down the plant, 200 of jobs are going lost.

It seems like this is just the start. Some experts and journalists already talk about a much bigger and worse war between EPA and energy plants.

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