Tuesday, 09 August 2011 09:11

China and Iran

If we think about the last events of the past months, we can speak about a new world's largest consumer 2010, which is China. As the annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy announced, China's energy consumption over-exceeded the consumption of the United States. It reached officially the state of the world’s largest energy consumer in 2010, and also the carbon emissions levels showed up new highs.

It is official, that China imports a big amount of crude oil from Iran, but there are also rumours about problems between Teheran and Bejing. However, this could remain just west media rumours, because, as announced today, China imports 40 percent more Iranian oil, as reported earlier. Instead of the annual 24 millions barrels, China imports 90,000 barrels daily, which means 40 % more than reported in the deal in January.

“We see our oil cooperation with other countries in the framework of trade deals and economic cooperation," and our oil, banking and economic officials always do consultations to prevent any possible problem, Mehman-Parast added. “

After all, China is one of the biggest buyers of the Iranian crude.


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