Wednesday, 21 September 2011 00:00

Back to Ruhr Coal?

After the catastrophe in Japan this spring, several calls in Germany asked to stop the nuclear power plants and nuclear-based energy processes. Now, the Kanzlerin Merkel made it official: Germany ceases nuclear energy and it will turn back to coal plants. More than 20 coal plants are under construction now. But does this plan fit the green energy politics of this great European country?

First of all, it is important to mention, that almost 40% of the electrical energy in Germany comes from coal plants. However, this plants are double so dangerous for the natural environment, as natural gas. The cause, why German industry does not use more natural gas, is the fact, that the price of this resource depends from the crude oil prices, which, however, is very high.

In addition, to realize this this great energy turnaround, big investments are needed. According to the German Federal Environment Ministry, to change the whole energy sector and to renew the industrial plants, 10 years are needed and €122 billions. Another €3,5 billions to finish the energy-efficient renewal of the buildings and other €15 billions for the infrastructure and other important parts of this sector.

However, experts are optimistic. They say, this does not mean to return to the black, coal time, but a great start to use this type of energy together with renewable sources. This way, they don't get just enough electricity for the population, but also thousands of new jobs and less risks.

But does Germany has the money for this great turnaround? We all see the fight about saving the economies of Spain and Greece. The Euro is getting weaker...But who knows what the future will bring.


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