Thursday, 01 September 2011 00:00

Obama: Stop US Oil in the USA

During history, on geography and economy lessons, America and especially the United States are seen as one of the biggest and, in commodities and raw materials, richest country in the world. A country that has the basic material, the workers, the power and the will to live in a better world, in wealth and freedom. But what do we see now? The US economy is going down and the government seems to take more care about their lawyers than about the citizens.

The three main problems, that everybody should realize today are the following: first of all, 9.1% of people are jobless and living on social welfare benefits,, which, however, are paid from the tax-payer money. This huge unemployment amount is caused by closing several refineries and companies based on non-renewable energy. 9.2 million jobs would get endangered. And not to forget about the almost daily introduced taxes, bills and tariffs.

Let us see these three points in detail. There are several American firms and companies, that export their factories to China, Malaysia and other developing nations. This way, the workers there cost less than American workers, which means a big profit for the company. But there is also another example, that shows that the government isn't that neutral as some of us may think. In the Caribbean, Brazil is drilling, with US funding, but US oil companies are not allowed to do the same.

Thanks to the taxes and high costs, a lot of US coal and crude refineries, plants and factories got closed, and also pipelines, like the Keystone XL, get jammed. They bring up the topic of pollution, threatening with higher risks for the environment. This is what GreenPeace says and the laymen believe it. Looks like a commodities-rich country, such as the US, will have to buy all it's necessary supplies to provide energy for its 312 million citizens, because it will be banned by law to use American resources. Quite ironic, isn't it?  

  What led to all these taxes? There are lots of reasons, one of them is of course the fact that the government doesn't makes money of anything. It just collects, saves and redistributes wealth. Today these new directions are the researches and plans about renewable energy sources. Actually, there won't be any problem if these researches will have enough time to create optimal technologies, that costs less then the power they provide. A very actual example I can mention: the corn ethanol. Farmers have to produce more corn, which will be burned in special, high-tech, extremely expensive, but also “very” environmental-friendly refineries, and finally used as fuel for vehicles. Let's forget the technical problems and motor damages caused by this fuel, and let us talk about the economical effects. Burning corn isn't that cheap. That's why average people can't afford to buy this new, “bio” fuel. But the state wants them to do it, and the government helps them with “subsidies.” These turn around on the consumer into new forms of taxation. With this tax you will have to pay the government subsidies back in a way or another. What if you don't even want to use corn ethanol and you still pay that tax? After all, why did they introduced this new fuel type, if the most used cars and trucks can not even use it, because it damages their engine. Just take a look at Europe and at the E10 debate/scandal.  

  However, there could be a solution and this would mean a capital change in the economy strategy. An American business has to be hold in its own country, the workers have to be Americans and the State has to give companies more freedom and free space. They shouldn't want to make capital changes in bio techniques, when over 300 millions people can't afford it and can't keep up with it. People should get the chance to buy things they can afford and to work. If these two elements don't get realized, the economy can get even worse, as it is today.


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