Friday, 13 May 2011 17:33

Importance of oil

A lot of people say, the industry should stop hauling and using crude oil. The say, we should protect our planet, save the nature and live an ecological life. In fact, they are right. We all saw the catastrophe last year in the Gulf of Mexico, we all know the gravity of the damages.

But there is something, that pushes the other side of the scale much harder.

Do this people ask themselves what would the consequences look like, if there were no crude oil anymopre? Do they realise, that this would mean the end of todays social well-off? Do they realise, that oil is not just for gasoline good?

Our everyday life is based on this material.

Could any of us live a normal and comfortable life without rubber and plastic, just to mention the two most used ordinary component, of which the most utilities, maschines and products are made of? It's hard to believe...



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