Monday, 30 May 2011 10:54

Best use of crude oil

Some decades ago, the prices of oil were really low, and people didn't ask themselves if they take advantage of the different materials gained from this natural element in a useful way or not. In the 60's, crude oil had a price of $2-5. The black gold meant the future of the industry. The machinery, weapons and chemical industry developed as fast as never before.

But today even everyday citizens and school kids are confronted with the question about how to use crude the best. They know, what kind of products can be gained from crude and for what can they be used. However, a lot of us live with that optimistic dream of using renewable energy someday, to protect and save our environment and the future of the planet. But all these people do not realise or do not want to know the fact that today's industry is actually based on this source of energy. A big factory or industrial plant could not even work with solar or wind energy, because we do not have that technology to gain such a great density of power as from oil or carbon. Just take a look in our life. Everybody has a car, a computer and heating. Without using crude we would never had this great amount of fuel and electrical power to use all our everyday gadgets. Just to consider this fact, the daily consumption of gasoline, alone in the United States, reaches almost the 20 millions barrels.

However, even in the refinery process of crude we might see the fact, that today's technological progress is directly linked to the end products of oil. Let us take a look at this chart, about the products of one barrel crude. What we all need the most, gasoline, takes the first place with the biggest amount of almost 20 gallons. After that follow the other fuel-types, such as distillate fuel and kerosene- type fuel, the jet fuel for airplanes, coke and residual fuel oil. The basic material for the roads, Asphalt and Road oil takes a part of 1,4 gallons, while the raw materials for Petrochemicals, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastic products.

We may say, the refinery process might not be the most environmental friendly and healthiest process, but we must admit that it is still one of the cheapest and with a higher productivity. There are still few people who can afford to use solar energy at home or for their cars. It is easy to imagine that even in 20- 30 years oil will be the number one energy source.

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