Crude Oil Best Use

Today's oil industry is also based on high-tech technologies, just like other industrial zones. Everything is controlled by computers, humans just have to sit and watch if everything is working well. Technical problems, changes in the system or similar things. Everything appears in statistics and colored graphics. These are very important, as the system is running 24 hours a day, 7 days weekly – a service human could never do.

Crude oil is one of the most important energy source on Earth. Many of us hate it, others couldn't live without it. But we have to face the fact, without crude oil we couldn't live the life we live now, we couldn't use our cars, airplanes or heat our homes. But if we want to realize the dream of populating planets and the outer space, we cannot use crude oil.

Both crude and fuel prices are getting up again on these hot summer days, WTI costs $98,67 per barrel, Brent almost $118,59. Consumers and developers are trying their best to save as much as possible as well on fuel as on their money.

Some decades ago, the prices of oil were really low, and people didn't ask themselves if they take advantage of the different materials gained from this natural element in a useful way or not. In the 60's, crude oil had a price of $2-5. The black gold meant the future of the industry. The machinery, weapons and chemical industry developed as fast as never before.

A lot of people say, the industry should stop hauling and using crude oil. The say, we should protect our planet, save the nature and live an ecological life. In fact, they are right. We all saw the catastrophe last year in the Gulf of Mexico, we all know the gravity of the damages.