Sure, crude oil is smelly, flammable and a pollutant. Now let's think, first, of a society that did not burn oil to heat homes and drive vehicles, that did not refined and processed oil to produce a so familiar artificial environment made of plastics. As you'll see down the lines, we're not praising crude oil in this article. We're gonna blame the past and tell you that this has no effect on the present, yet it may change the future if YOU can think different like -for instance- with your own brain instead of believing and following everything that the tube serves to your eyes and ears. 

WTI Crude Oil (NY Close): $100.36 // +0.57 // +0.57%

Risk sentiment trends are adrift after yesterday’s sharp recovery, with traders apparently rethinking the implications of a 50bps swap rate cut from the world’s top central banks, clouding the outlook for crude oil prices. The US ISM manufacturing gauge headings the economic calendar, with expectations calling for the highest reading in five months. This may underpin prices in the absence of anything new out of the Eurozone, but the debt crisis clearly continues to preoccupy investors.

Ron Paul, Reversing the Power Now Centered in Washington?

Indeed, I have no doubt that Ron Paul is the only person standing who would decentralize the Warring Warthog's power. More than that; he would slash it, rip it apart, and sling it into the Potomac. That drives fear right up the groins of all statists. One huge strike against Mr. Paul, because our two Parties are made up of statists.

As far as a person, no one is cleaner than Ron Paul. As far as a political candidate, Paul has said nothing untoward, and he has done nothing untoward. He certainly has the fortitude to carry out everything he has laid out. 

One of his obvious faults is that he does not tittup to and fro across the stage, in the way let’s say, that Rick Perry or Mitt Romney do. Another fault is that he does not use phatic language, in the way let's say, that Newt or the Creature do. We do, after all, live in a giddy world where people suck down gleam and glitter as if they were bottles of sugar—gleam and glitter percolate their innards.

President Obama’s key contingents like the Sierra Club, the Friends of the Earth, the EPA and Occupy Wall Street protesters believe that humans should irrationally worship the earth rather than responsibly exploit it for their benefit and survival.

Katie Kieffer - 

Remember The Simpsons Movie (2007) when Abe "Grampa" Simpson had a prophetic vision about pollution and the apocalyptic scenario enforced by EPA on Springfield? Well, with less fun and more vibrant reality, the true EPA under Obama's unconstitutional extended prerogatives is indeed killing the American oil industry. This renders the US at the mercy of volatile international energy markets, while crude oil and natural gas resources abound under American soil. 

Please read this intriguing quote:

When the moment will come for the Washington Warthog (read the federal government) to revert to proper rules and regulations, then the shale oil industry in the US Midwest will start producing "enormous and environmentally responsible growth" between the years 2016 and 2020, with the capability of generating billions of barrels of "very premium, high-quality" crude oil, stated Todd Dana, Utah oil shale executive. 

Yesterday, the US, UK and Canada announced the imposing of new sanctions against Iran. This political pressure on Iran's oil exports and finances has the declared goal to make its leaders stop enriching uranium in their quest for developing nuclear military capabilities.

The response of the Iranian Oil Minister, Rostan Qhasemi mentioned in an interview with Al Jazeera that "We don't consider crude oil as a political tool, however if necessary, we'll use it as a tool anyway we need to." 

Have you ever got the feeling that you're overpaying for the energy you consume? The fuel you pump in your car, the power bill, heating and other energy-related hidden costs, are all of these overpriced? 

You can understand that energy prices are too high, however you have little space to move for cheaper alternatives. This sad situation is caused mainly by government intervention, by over-regulating the market, up to the point when one may compare it with the defunct Soviet-style planned economy. But a secondary factor is the well known "corporate greed" -- guess you've heard this phrase more than "government intervention and regulation." Yes, mainstream media is the long finger of the left. Pointing at you, fooling you with fantasies and utopias that can, and did so far, make things only worse. 

There were rumors that crude reserves offshore Norway would deplete and consequently the Brent will eventually fade from the market. But geology is not confirming the scarcity news. On the contrary. Statoil announced that a newly discovered oil field measures gigantic proportions - somewhere between 500 million and 1.2 billion recoverable barrel field. A more precise estimate is expected and that may bring even better news about the oil reserves under the North Sea.