It's less about "energy independence" for a nation and more about private sector extraction, transportation and refining of crude oil - a commodity on the global market. 

As all of you know, I don't get mushy when someone dies that I don't know-personally. And I don't make saints out of people simply because they've left this flesh. As far as I'm concerned, the truth ought to be the truth no matter where a person is, and that's one of the two things I want more than anything: truth. The other is freedom. For without those we may as well rename America Babylon.

Andrew Brietbart died this week at age 43. He was an expert at exposing what leftists are really doing rather than what they say they are doing. He was at times a blowhard. He was definitely a narcissist, perhaps not to the point that Obogo is, but nevertheless... He had no faith; his god was the fight, the attention, the roar of it all. He often took up for the enemies of freedom whom he liked. He hung around with neo-cons because he was one, partied with leftists, and was a Middle-East War Monger. He opposed Ron Paul, as all the neo-cons do.

Intro to Malkin's Article: An Opportunity to Rid the Senate of Three RINOs

The RINOs and neo-cons (pretty much one in the same) in the Republicoward Party are as big a problem as the whole lot of the Devilrats, because most of the voting public have no idea how sneakily leftist they are. They need to go and this election year provides us with an excellent opportunity to get rid of them.

To save the nation from an economic catastrophe, we must get rid of the people who backed TARP and the bailouts of AIG and the broke car companies who, though Obogo is going about this week bragging about how well GM is doing, still owe $23b on their "loans." (give me $80b and see if I can keep a broken business afloat) 

Fannie and Freddie need another $4.8b immediately from the taxpayers to survive after dumping $180b into that black hole, and Obogo has just announced that he is providing two broke solar-panel companies with another $2b. Meanwhile, the Party of conservative fiscal policies allows a RINO to get them in an argument over contraception. As I've said, they don't call them the Stupid Party for no reason.

Note that 100,000 Dumborats showed up Michigan to vote for Santorum, a state in which anyone registered can vote in the primaries. That ought to wake up any brainwashed lunch-box carrying ape as to who the phony is in this primary, eh?

Rick Santorum-Perhaps the Most Dangerous Candidate the Republicowards

Have Ever Put Forward Rick Santorum is a Big Government statist who believes the president has powers not given him in the Constitution. He has stated that a too strict reading of the Constitution gives citizens too much freedom. "A radical freedom," he called it. The fact is, we need a whole lot more freedom in this country-not less. In the last eleven years we've lost more freedoms than we have in the rest of my lifetime, and I well remember the last years of Ike. That's over 50-years ago, through the '60s and on through to 2012.

This is one of the few candidates I've seen the Republicowards put up that may be worse than John McCain-if that is possible.

Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by FOX After This Interview

Michael Scheuer: Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iran

The Beast in Washington Has Come Full Circle: Back to Tyranny

Intro to Judge Napolitano's Article: The Beast Has Come Full Circle

My how the American people have changed since their Revolution from the tyrannical English beast that ruled them in the 18th Century: they have given the Central Government their ancestors created with strict limited powers the power to do anything it wishes. Yes, at this point there is no limit to what the US Federal Government can do. And many of the people are screaming in the streets for it to do more! 

Masses of American people want the Beast in Washington to steal (or print) more money to fight wars on every land mass on earth, to give them "free education," "free healthcare," "free food," "free rent" and/or a "free home"; they want the Beast to pay for disasters that may happen to them, to regulate, restrict, and tax others because they are envious of those who have managed to succeed in society, and then to give them money every month to do with as they please, and the list never ends.

What type of chains will it take to make a passive, bent over, enslaved nation wake up and yell, Stop the tyranny!! Stop the stealing!! Stop the wars!! Dismantle the Beast!!! 

Whatever it will take, we are far away from that point at this time.

Excellent article! Enjoy.

Arletta Modellpog

Red Tape: Boosting Gasoline Prices

Black (red?) humor:
"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

--Steven Chu, US Secretary of Energy 

Click for the solution: 


Remember the vast social panic they instilled with the global warming hoax? Some of these "salespeople" still believe in it. What matters the Siberian -50C originated winds blowing Westward and freezing Europe as South as Rome? February belong to the frost daemons. According to the Solar system meteorology, this gets worse every decade or so, for ages. But this old-news is not the theme of today's rant. Take fracking. The eco-alarmists warned people that our taps will blow out bubbling methane gas and our kitchens will be washed in flames, beginning with the sink! Turns out to be yet another flatulence of the lets-starve-their-energy-to-control-them groups of the freaking social-engineering left. 

Intro to Sowell's Article: "A Brass Age"

"Hey, Beavis, pull your pants down so your butt crack will show." 

"Oh yeah, Butthead-cool-the butt crack is awesome!! Hee, hee, hee, hee." (Butthead & Beavis, two characters that perfectly epitomize the Tattooed, Non-Reasoning, Cynical Bong Baby Generation that make up Sowell's "Brass Age")

Thomas Sowell is about reasoning, about thinking for oneself, about overlooking the common view, and deciding through research and reason what the truth truly is. This is something that Bong Babies have not learned to do, or either are not able to do. This I have not yet decided, but am at this point sadly leaning toward the latter conclusion.

Florene McGillycutty