Two Worthwhile Quotations

Quotation One

"Democrats haven't the slightest concern about who will formulate new medical remedies because they are enraged at profit making and suspicious of scientific advancement. Apart from cures that will never be invented, liberal elites will be mostly untouched by the rotten medical care to which they are consigning the rest of us. Note how Democrats' friends, such as government unions, immediately received waivers from Obamacare. Rich or connected liberals, such as George Soros, Warren Buffett, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama, will always have access to the best doctors, just as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez do....

The rest of us are forced to live in a lawless universe of no new pharmaceuticals, foreign doctors, gay marriage, girl soldiers, a health care system run by the post office, and bankrupt Social Security and Medicare systems, because liberals can't enjoy their wealth unless other people are living in squalor." (Ann Coulter)

The Truth about the Employment Rates and the Economy

The Obamaites and the media (really one in the same) are celebrating the government's skewered employment numbers from last week. They're also hiding an awful lot of negative news. E.g., note below the "U-6 discouraged workers unemployment rate" is back up to 15%. That's the worst it's been since the 1930s.

Nothing New Here: Mad Muslimics Murdering Christians and No One Protests or Mentions It's Going On
Where is George Clooney? Where is Brad Pitt? Where are the neo-cons who run the GOP's foreign policy? Where are the US media? Where are Obama and Clinton who always "feel everyone's pain"? Where is Baby Boy Bush who was so concerned about Saddam Hussein killing Kurds and Israelis?
Intro to Wayne Root Article 

Mr. Root is entirely correct. He has analyzed the Obama Administration's agenda quite perfectly. Obama is not the first to attempt to implement the Cloward-Piven strategy to socialize America. 

Their work having come out in 1966, LBJ was thoroughly familiar with it-and, along with Michael Harrington's (who worked on JFK first), endorsed their concepts. Thus the US raced into the speed-lane of social engineering, wealth redistribution, and big government control: which is a form of fascism combined with its sister, socialism. 

The Cloward-Piven plan is gradually to add social program after social program to the Federal Government (which would force borrowing by deficit spending). After a few decades, finally the monumental debt overload (such as we have today) and the demand for more and more for those receiving what dribbles down through the government-what it has confiscated from those who're paying it-would force upon an unwilling American people a socialized society.

You notice that-though the Democrats might feign that they detest deficit spending-they always call for more. Almost every day in the NY Times, Paul Krugman claims that the reason the economy has not recovered from the "Bush Recession" is that the government has not spent enough money to stimulate it.

Add this strategy to Alinsky's ideas, and freedom is hanging onto the edge of the cliff by its pinkies-four more years of the Creature and you can wave goodbye to that concept as it cascades into the abyss of statism. 

Hope and Change is here-in the satanic framework of Saul Alinsky and Richard Cloward and Francis Piven. (The first two are dead-Piven is still going strong encouraging the Tattooed Know-It-All Unable-to-Reason Cynical Bong Baby Generation to continue protesting in the streets against freedom and for more statism.)

Good piece! Must read!

Gloriana Snilly

Liberal Logic samples...

Intro to Thomas Sowell's Article

In the late 1980s political author and Insider, admitted Marxist, one-world government promoter, trustee and founder of the Trilateral Commission, and Council on Foreign Relations member Zbigniew Brzezinski stated in his powerful book, "The Grand Failure," that, "In fact Communism, Fascism, and Nazism are genetically related, historically linked, and politically quite similar." 

Though Benito Mussolini did not invent Fascism, he did explain it to the world: "Fascism should more properly be called corporatism, because it is the merger of state and corporate power." 

Bill Clinton was the first president to state openly a fascist policy: "Government and business must create a partnership, one that will benefit all."

After having his minions scour the nation's infrastructure for problems, all the Obamaites could find were a couple of bridges with cracks in them, and they had already been fixed. That didn't stop your El Presedente from making up an audacious lie about them, though. Truth never gets in this man's way. And who do you think he blamed?

Glenn Kessler of the normally leftist Washington Post granted Obama four Pinocchios for "a huge whopper," the worst possible designation-for his lies about infrastructure projects. Here is the tale as Obama told it to the Building and Construction Trades Department conference:

Obama began a couple of months ago claiming 2 million jobs have been created during his 3 1/2 years in office. When he saw the Marxist media let him get by with that lie, he jumped the number to 2.4 million, and then last week in one speech to "over 4 million." He finished the weekend off by claiming 4.3 million. Wow. What a brazen liar. Look for all the lefist minions to repeat that latest figure in the coming weeks, because they jump on the lying train as fast as the Administration sets it in motion.

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