Hey, folks, perhaps the Freezers from the 1960s and '70s were right after all. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Notice that the American weather media are emphasizing the fact that the southern US is having — up to this point — a warm winter. No mention that other parts of the world are busting through old freezing records elephants through thin ice.

One can only wonder why the Warmers' "greenhouse effect" is not working all over the world, globally, that is. Perhaps it's because it does not exist.

Disciplined Spending Policies Have Helped Texas

The Texas economy has topped budget projections over the past 15 months, as booming energy output fueled job growth and an 11 percent fiscal first-quarter gain in sales-tax receipts, the biggest source of general-fund revenue. Even after paying off $7 billion in health and school bills, Comptroller Susan Combs said today that the state will be flush heading into 2014. …

Evolution of the Price of Crude Oil in the Last Three Years and Current Year Forecast

Comparative prices between 2010, 2011, 2012 and what we expect from 2013.
EIA provide the price to $ 89 per barrel WTI average in the fourth quarter of 2012, $ 1 per barrel lower than in November STEO and average $ 88 per barrel in 2013. 

16 Projects to Export LNG to Europe and Asia

David Cameron say : "Britain must be at the heart of shale gas revolution".
But, the most significant aspect of his comments may well be that the "shale gas revolution" has the potential to "re-industrialise" the economy. 

Right now, certain nations are beholden to Russia and Iran for their energy needs, and Lugar thinks the United States could undermine these countries’ influence by simply allowing for a little good ol’-fashioned, American-style market competition on the global scene.  

Recent Quotation from Joe Bastardi, Someone Who Has Fought the Warmers and Exposed Their Ludicrous Claims for

"It's been nice and warm in the U.S. this past week, but get ready: Winter is coming (it has already started in the plains) and lest we forget, there were 2 snow events in the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia northeastward in November, a rare event.

But did the AGW people let you know what is going on in Europe, or the far east, or Alaska where November was the coldest on record, BEATING LAST YEAR'S RECORD? It was 10 years ago that AGW people were saying that snow and cold would be increasingly rare in Europe, and this is now the 4th severe winter in a row with winter weather causing havoc.

Earlier this month, documentary filmmaker Philem McAleer asked questions to filmmakers Matt Damon and John Krasinski about their new anti-fracking film "Promised Land," regarding the funding the film got from Abu Dhabi. (Fracking is the extraction of natural gas from shale rock layers within the Earth, and can make the United States energy independent.) McAleer's question, and Damon's meek answer, were edited out of the podcast that was made available on iTunes.

A shale-oil boom will thrust the U.S. ahead of Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer by 2020, a radical shift that could profoundly transform not just the world's energy supplies but also its geopolitics, the International Energy Agency said.

The U.S. will overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer by 2020 due to a boom in shale oil. How will that impact global energy supplies and geopolitics? Liam Denning reports on the Markets Hub.

The future of energy insecurity has arrived. In August, a devastating cyber attack rocked one of the world's most powerful oil companies, Saudi Aramco, Riyadh's state-owned giant, rendering thirty thousand of its computers useless. This was no garden-variety breach. In the eyes of U.S. defense secretary Leon Panetta, it was "probably the most destructive attack that the private sector has seen to date."

Solyndra and Abound make up about $600 million Obama has thrown into two worthless companies with worthless products. He plans on spending billions more in a second term.

The government has no business "investing" in private businesses, because the temptation to do it for political ends, as here and with Solyndra, is too much. Indeed, the government had no business putting money in banks or auto companies, because, in both cases, the monies went to political favorites of both Bush and Obama.

Watch Him in This Video Bragging about Abound and Claiming the Company will Create Thousands of Jobs