More discoveries of large stores of both oil and natural gas. This happens all the time, yet hardly anyone hears about it. What difference does it make anyway? They can't drill it.

Remember that back in the 1990s the Clintons sent Russia $30b because they claimed only they had large stores of natural gas. Today we know we have more than they do. We have huge amounts of oil in shallow waters (20 to 40 miles off our coasts) and deeper ones 40-80 miles off shore.

No! We can't drill. But we send Brazil $2b to help them with their offshore drilling-that is blatant wealth transfer carried out right in front of the American people and most of them can't recognize it. Very sad.

Albert Gore and every "global warming" scientist informed us quite dogmatically that hurricanes were going to be on a significant increase because of humans producing too much C02 from doing things like eating meat and driving autos. And evidently that includes using Edison's light bulbs and flushing commodes not even filled with enough water to cover a gnat's dung.

They were dead wrong. Today marks the 1000th day since a hurricane hit the US coast and that makes for a record set back in the 1850s. Move on to Gore and Kennedy claiming that certain parts of the South would never see snow and ice again. More nonsense after record-setting winters in coldness and length covered the South and Mid-West over the last few years.

The latest BP Statistical Review of World Energy statement declared China to be the world's leading energy consumer in 2010. However, such an over-exceeded energy consumption needs also a lot of fuel, and China outdid its last month's crude oil imports. But with this it also influenced the prices of oil.

On yesterday's one-day OPEC-meeting, all the hopes and plans, mentioned in the opening speech of Iran's Oil minister Mohammad Aliabadi, proved to be just fantasies. Although Saudi Arabia, one of the most important countries In the oil industry, wanted to introduce new productivity levels and lower prices, big changes haven't been voted.

Today takes place the official one-day meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries in Vienna. Even at the opening speech were the actual different opinions of several oil ministers perceptible.

Although the media and the Greenpeace organization try to change the reputation of crude oil, everybody knows that this type of resource is one of the most important fuel for the industry. Same know the industry leaders of Canada as well, who plan to renew and increase their oil productivity.

The US-Combine Chevron suffered last week an unexpected shock. Their oil refinery from Wales exploded on Thursday afternoon during maintenance work. 4 workers lost their lives, one got hardly injured and has been taken to the hospital.

For those, who aren't so familiar with crude oil, but would gladly be, is useful to know what kind of oil types they could meet. Not juts because the point of discovery are in different places of the Earth, even the chemical composition and the appearance classifies the oil in several classes/ types.

No More Nuclear Plants in Germany? More North Sea Crude and Gas Pipelines!

Unsurprising news inform us that Germany has officially decided to close its last nuclear power plant by 2022.

Sure, politicians that decide today won't be in office eleven years from now. It happened before, and this tells us that it may happen again, that different contexts will deliver different outcomes to long range decisions.

Mass hysteria against "Atomkraftwerke," or nuclear power plants, in the aftermath of the disaster at Fukushima, is not entirely baseless. We know that newer German-made nuclear reactors are safer than the Dai-ichi ...and so on... obsolete reactors made in the sixties, than aging plants built on realms where the tsunami hits every now and then, in a land haunted by epic earthquakes and tremendous typhoons. The geographical position of Germany cannot compare to Japan in almost any aspect. "Almost," because they however almost share some latitudes in the 40's N.

NYMEX, the New York Mercantile Exchange, established 1872, is the biggest and well-known stock exchange worldwide. The history of NYMEX starts with the 19th century markets at ports and railroad stations and nowadays it plays the most important role in the worlds economy.