Question: It does look like we would run out of fuel if coal and oil were formed from plant and animal fossils because they have to be in limited supply. Won't we?
A & J, VA
Answer: Coal and oil were not formed by fossils; they are not "fossil fuels." This was a theory that began one-hundred-years ago when plant leaves and a few bird feathers were found implanted in coal only a few feet below the surface of the ground. Today, the media have made that theory into a myth-fact.
However, both coal and oil are natural creations of the earth, just as are granite and other materials that make up the earth. This particular myth-fact is sponsored mainly by oil companies—who want the world to believe that we're running out of oil, because the shorter supply of oil the higher the price and greater profit they can make.
There are several great books and articles on this subject. One is called

$400 for a Gallon of Diesel vs. the Autonomous Land Robots

Don't freak out, it's not (yet) coming to you. At least directly. But make no mistake, this is (give or take) the cost that the military spends per gallon of Diesel deployed to Afghanistan or Iraq and consumed for powering the air conditioning generators. 
 The amount the U.S. military spends annually on air conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion, according to a former Pentagon official.
That's more than NASA's budget. It's more than BP has paid so far for damage during the Gulf oil spill. It's what the G-8 has pledged to help foster new democracies in Egypt and Tunisia.

After the successful crisis pass in Greece, the international economy points its attention on the Indian and Chinese inflation. However, the fourth-largest crude oil buyer country of the east region of Asia, South Korea, showed up with impressing results at the end of the month.

The actual situation in international economy shows recovery signs for Europe, unstable prices of crude oil and the renewal of a crisis in East-Asia.

The shock after IEA's plan with the release of 30 million of emergency barrels to change the crude prices last week, it's over. Although Brent reached on Monday barely the $100 per barrel, the situation seems to return to “normal”.

Remember the pastors throwing fix rapture dates at their flocks? The most recent rapture date was about to tribulate planet Earth on May 21st 2011, a Saturday, at exactly 6pm, worldwide... Other predicted dates of arrival were in: 1844, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1942, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994... And the final one, made by Sir Isaac Newton, who "proposed, based upon his calculations using figures from the Book of Daniel, that the Apocalypse could happen no earlier than 2060." [ ] No earlier means that it can happen in 2300 or 2400 as well. At least, Sir Isaac Newton pondered wisely, with a considerable margin of error from 2060 to the end of time, whenever that will be. Oh, and Sir Isaac Newton proposed his >2060+ date no later than March 1727, when he died. Not sure if there was a rapture theory on the table during the early 18th century... 
In America, you could read this on a popular poster: "Are you ready for the Rapture? Jesus is coming on October 28th, 1992." Did He? Nope. Will He? For certain. When? Nobody can tell. However, there's a world wide cult of the Rapture and millions truly follow it. In spite of the many missed dates of arrival. What believers fail to consider is the think-with-your-own-mind factor, that Jesus came once, born by Mary, and will Return, as promised, only once, not twice. This simple argument should dismiss the entire rapture theory. But the theory, and the cults, go on, based on false assumptions, on erroneous translations and on missed dates, one after another. In spite of empirical and theoretical evidence of the contrary, people won't learn about the future from past mistakes. Sad but true.  
Same goes with the crude oil reserves predictions. Namely the peak oil theory, threatening industry and

As reported on Friday, the prices of crude oil are getting lower and lower in a very fast rhythm. Of course, everybody was waiting  for this after the state in April, but this situation now has several other, unexpected, reasons too. Brent is dropping about 1.06%, WTI 1.04%.

The crude oil prices had a really bad time during the last month, from the view of the buyers. Almost $114 cost per barrel in April. The last time the prices were as high as they were in 2008. Then came another raising after the OPEC meeting. The dollar was still low and the economy not just catching up in the United States, but also in Europe there are no sunny days. But at the start of the second half of this year the IEA proposed a solution for this problem.

The dollar took a good curve after the declining new boom helps, although the US economy does not shows any sign of recovery. While the Euro dropped below $1.43, the Crude oil prices are lowering.

The Sun Creates Global Warming, The Volcanoes Global Cooling

With the global warming cycle behind us, the world of nature entered a global cooling phase. News won't hide from us the global effects of erupting volcanoes. Last spring, Eyjafjallajökull covered the Northern skies in ashes, disrupting air travel and bringing upon Europe a mild and rainy summer.