The first leak have been discovered last week, and according to Shell, everything is under control on their crude oil platform in the North Sea.

Since the economy showed up so extravagant changes, with a such expensive crude oil and extremely expensive fuel prices, people started to look after answers to the question: How to use less fuel?

The last week was full of stress, economy panic attacks and buyer war. Everybody was afraid of enormous losses, prices were hiking up and down and the US. Recession made all this more worse. But this week starts with an unusual relaxed economy life.

"Research is what I'm doing when I don't know what I'm doing."  said once Wernher Von Braun, the man who send "the man" to the Moon...  

Quite interesting how goes the thinking of scientists capable of achieving something for mankind. Something real, palpable, progressive and (sometimes) even positive. It's about a self induced skepticism. They say "I don't know" more often than they say "I know." Because a knoledgeable man knows that he "knows" little. 

But there are egomaniacs, people considering themselves at

On the roads of the United States we can see different types of cars. There are the huge trucks and the jeeps, but also the newly imported Japanese passenger cars. A colorful range of sizes and weights. Unfortunately, this is also the leading cause of almost every car accident. If a SUV crashes into a Mini, it is no surprise, that one of the drivers will lose his life. However, it will be complicated to change the fashion of cars people are using today, because a lot of them are buying this motors because of the separated fuel economy.

According to the Energy Intelligence blog, today's energy development has a great impact on the crude oil prices, which influences also the gas and fuel prices. On Tuesday, crude oil reached $79 per barrel. The last time the WTI showed this value was last September.

Crude oil showed such high prices this year, like never before. This expensive barrels of around $100.00 have also a big influence on the gasoline and fuel prices.

If we think about the last events of the past months, we can speak about a new world's largest consumer 2010, which is China. As the annual BP Statistical Review of World Energy announced, China's energy consumption over-exceeded the consumption of the United States. It reached officially the state of the world’s largest energy consumer in 2010, and also the carbon emissions levels showed up new highs.

The last 8 months of 2011 were full of action. Economy analytics and experts talk about a versatility, that haven't been experienced since the Iraq war in 2003.

The fight between this two countries of the Near East, Egypt and Israel, is part of the history. The religious and the political points of view were always a great cause for their misunderstanding. But now, this fight influences also the industry and economy of both nations.