Let us start this weeks stories with Hurricane Irene. The East Coast endangered and New York in fear. Even the crude refineries and plants were in danger. Now, the hurricane passed away, and the refineries weren't even touched by it. An impact on the crude prices was awaited, and it also happened, however, in an opposite way.

During history, on geography and economy lessons, America and especially the United States are seen as one of the biggest and, in commodities and raw materials, richest country in the world. A country that has the basic material, the workers, the power and the will to live in a better world, in wealth and freedom. But what do we see now? The US economy is going down and the government seems to take more care about their lawyers than about the citizens.

Q. Is CO2 a pollutant?

A. No, it isn't!

Video of Seven World Renowned Scientists Refuting Al Gore's Claims That CO2 is Polluting the Planet and Causing Global Warming

Although the most extreme of the environmental movement lobbied the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II Administrations to force their EPA to declare C02 as a pollutant, none would do it.

And why would they not do that? Because C02 is not a pollutant.

One definite scientific fact is that CO2 is the only substrate nature utilizes to build higher forms of organic compounds: life, for example!

Another scientific fact is that photosynthetic efficiency and rates increase along with carbon dioxide concentrations.

In my previous article “Natural Gas as an Environment-friendly Solution?” I wrote about how useful natural gas actually is. “The use of compressed natural gas, also known as CNG, “produces no unburnt carbon soot, no sulphur, no brown cloud. Just carbon dioxide and water (food for trees).” Yeah, it sounds really nice. In addition, I talked about the great amount of natural gas in the United States, which can be used. Actually, 14% of the American natural gas supply is made up of shale gas. This amount could increase up to 45% by 2035, if the fracking process will be introduced. This would mean totally new energy and power wells instead of crude oil.

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 5

Beyond the Trillions, Costs of the Global Warming Con

By the time the masses figure out that no catastrophe is going to take place, what little freedom and power the people have left today the elitists will have usurped.
To justify their actions over the past years of free spending and bureaucracy building, they'll simply tell you what Clinton did after the Y2K-Con--"our planning and government action saved the world from a disaster." Then the media went dead silent on the subject, never mentioning it again--and soon found another phony boondoggle they could use to sell their blather.
However, a week before the turn of the year 2000, Pat Robertson, while on TV trying to sell the last packs of his "one-year's worth of emergency supplies" (on sale for $2995.00 reduced from $4495.00) to live on during the time when there would be no power or water or food, he said that he expected France would not be a nation and the deaths would rise into the millions after the clock passed midnight on the old millennium, because France had not updated its power plants--neither had most other European nations, including Russia and the UK. 

Slowly Crushing Congress: Wealth Redistribution

The recent US Congress, has been skeptical of the idea that the planet was about to blow itself up--which folks, let me remind you--is not a new idea. And that has saved us from some mighty sorry legislation. But, as noted, Obama is now working through his forty-something un-Constitutional Czars and his bureaucracies to regulate, restrict, tax, and stifle the nation into total submission.
The same people now writing and claiming that the earth is about to heat up and burn out were writing and claiming in the 1970s that it was about to cool down and freeze up. (Either way it's curtains for the lot of us.) But it didn't happen in the 1980s as predicted, so they quickly changed from cooling down to warming up. If either had been close to true, the planet would have been scorched to cinders or either crushed ice floating around the solar system by now. The Republicopiers running the last Congress before the Dumborats took over in 2006 at least allowed the several sides of the global weather argument to be presented in hearings--that ended when the Left took over.

Who Pays the Bills, the Taxes and Skyrocketing Fuel Prices?

All those funds slushing around the planet will buy the Left running the country even more votes and more power. And wait until you see your new power bill after Albert Gore's save-the-planet-from-evil-consuming-humans BTU Tax (this has now evolved into "Cap and Trade") is piled on top of your regular bill (this staggering bill could not get through the Congress, so Obama has had his EPA implement it on all "coal-producing" utilities; so expect your power bills to start to rise very soon.) That thousand-dollar house payment will wane to the back of your mind as you gather wood and scraps to burn inside your homes in the coming winters. Get more dogs and buy more blankets now-you're going to need them if these bong heads get their way. 

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 2

The Y2K-Software Con; Saddam, a Toy Tiger

You don't have to be Socrates to figure out that these things are phony crises. Simply consider the source of each one. Y2K birthed itself out of a small semi-literate evangelist who didn't know that the new chiliast really began in 1998 (this is not even taking into account that the calendar has been changed and January 1 today would not be January 1 2000 years ago). 
By the time the issue arrived in front of Congress, people were already heading for the hills with stores of canned goods and sleeping bags on their backs. And ask yourself this supererogatory question: how the hell could the wrong time on your computer's clock cause chaos in Nairobi? (We had two in the house at the time-never changed either one-and we're still standing. A whole group of us warned Y2K was a con, and so to show that we stood by our statement, none of us "Y2K-proofed our software.")

The Global Warming Fraud Keeps on Chugging Along, Part 1

Yet Another Government-Backed Fraud

I have said all along that the Global Warming Fraud had the potential to turn into a bigger boondoggle than the Y2K-Con, which was the largest financial hoax ever carried out on the American people--and indeed the world. The Y2K-Con, however, is very much like the War Against Saddam Hussein-you can hardly find anyone who believed in it today.
Well, let me tell you, I have been chased from children's playgrounds, Sunday schools, and tupperware parties for telling the natives that both were worthless worries. Called a fool on the high end and a troglodyte on the low for not believing in the Y2K-Con, numerous people called me a pure psycho for saying that Saddam Hussein was a Toy Tiger whose main fault was that he had a big, bragging mouth with only a few antiquated weapons and nothing but a WWI trained police force to back up his gasconades. 
A new and important paper has just come out which compares empirical weather data from 1958-2010 with climate models created by Albert Gore's favorite "scientists."
The models inform us that the planet is getting hotter and will continue to do so; the empirical data show that it is not. As always, the Left throws nonsense and theories and fear at hoi polloi, and the reasoning Right looks at real data and evidence.
The paper is authored by these two gentlemen, who have absolutely nothing to do with the energy industry or "Big Oil," as the Warmers will most likely claim.