India and Mangalore bought African crude oil, Reuters reported.

After the catastrophe in Japan this spring, several calls in Germany asked to stop the nuclear power plants and nuclear-based energy processes. Now, the Kanzlerin Merkel made it official: Germany ceases nuclear energy and it will turn back to coal plants. More than 20 coal plants are under construction now. But does this plan fit the green energy politics of this great European country?

I've been reading Thomas Sowell's articles for over 25-years, and I do believe this is the most strident one he's written over that period. He is obviously fed up with Obama's conning and lying -- and in particular that the media allow him to get by with it.
I've hardly paid the slightest attention to politics over the past few months, yet I've heard Obama tell some whoppers. Here are three of the biggest -- but they are not by any means the only ones I've heard.

The European economical crisis leads the course of events in the crude oil market. According to the traders, the demand of crude oil and other resources speculates based on this crisis. However, the stocks are decreasing.

I have written extensively about how the government forced banks and lending institutions to lend money to people for homes that they could not possibly afford. The government-created entities that we call Freddie and Fannie encouraged this wild lending. These disastrous actions brought about the largest economic blow up in history, costing trillions of dollars in individual and family net worth, lost loans to lending institutions, states, and nations, and government bailouts and guarantees.
In short, the whole debacle began with Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s, slowed down yet did not stop with Reagan and Papa Bush, then sped to warp speed under Clinton. Although Bush tried to put the brakes on Fannie and Freddie, he also thought it a good idea that "every American be a home owner," which is, of course, a leftist Utopian idea and insane -- he thus encouraged his FHA to promote "home ownership for every American." I suppose this is what he meant when he called himself a "compassionate conservative." Do you think? 

We have to admit: there are indeed other ways to produce and use energy without damaging the environment. But these environmental-friendly solutions are often premature and too expensive. Even the facilities are not always the best.

Crude oil is one of the most important energy source on Earth. Many of us hate it, others couldn't live without it. But we have to face the fact, without crude oil we couldn't live the life we live now, we couldn't use our cars, airplanes or heat our homes. But if we want to realize the dream of populating planets and the outer space, we cannot use crude oil.

An Administration intent on pushing the nation into "green energy" long before it is even close to being perfected gets another kick in the nuts -- not that this Administration will take any responsibility for its multi-billion-dollar boondoggle.
But the Obama Administration is indeed responsible -- along with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who took control of the House and Senate in the 2006 mid-term election. 

After the raises of the past week, the crude oil prices stopped to increase and dropped back. WTI dropped with 0.26% to $87.01 per barrel, and the barrel of Brent Crude costs $112,77. There are several factors that led to this prices.

Crude Oil Prices is actually not a political blog. Here, we are only talking about crude oil, the future and the prices of this resource and other news in connection with it. But seeing how fanatical some “big” and “important” persons try to replace this strong and effective material, it is hard for us not to write about that too.