Thursday, 19 May 2011 12:40

Crude Oil buyers

If we speak about oil buyers, we should do it from the view of the seller.If we have some crude oil, we cannot do anything with it, until we don't sell it. Oil can only be wrought and used in refineries, so it has no use having it at home. Also, we need to know what kind of oil we have, to know what kind of buyers we should search for.

Generally, it is necessary to send a proof of product (POP) that describes the quality and quantity of your oil. Also it is better to sell light oil. With that the refineries have lesser work to do, they save time and costs. The light oil contains a lower sulphur concentrate and its much easier to work with.

However, there are two ways to sell our crude oil. Either we search our own for a good buyer, or we contact intermediary brokers, agents or referee exchange services. If we make it on our own, it it's useful to know which countries may buy oil. These are generally countries with less resources, but however, the USA is also one of them. The USA, especially California, China, India and Japan are just a few of them. The demand of oil is rising all over the world, although some may think, oil is not the only material.

But if we let expert agents to search for costumers, than the Modo Oil Agency is one of the recommended one.

Also, here you may see a list of the greatest oil producers of the last years and a list of the greatest importers of the Libyan oil.