Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired by FOX After This Interview

Michael Scheuer: Israel & Saudi Arabia Are Much More Dangerous Enemies To The US Than The Iran

Red Tape: Boosting Gasoline Prices

Black (red?) humor:
"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe."

--Steven Chu, US Secretary of Energy 

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Sometimes, hearing the truth hurts. Seems that mainstream media has adopted a mute strike in broadcasting statements that are consistent with reality. 
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Putting Pins in Rattlesnakes - Pearl Harbor

I have read the following books, and they present solid evidence that FDR used the Pacific Fleet as bait and purposely refused to inform Admiral Kimmel of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The fact is, not only was FDR a sick bastard, but so were most of his staff-and practically all of his advisers.

Certainly, Japan's leaders were bent on expanding their empire in the 1930s-but they mainly feared Mao's threats of Communist expansionism. While Mao the International Communist was occupied fighting Chiang the Chinese Nationalist, the Japanese took advantage and invaded.

Eco activists make an opinionated point about pollution. The mining and drilling industries are usually the preferred targets of environmental agencies. But life runs rather in one or more spirals, not exactly along black and white lines, or according to evil big oil vs. good green non-profits and so on. Bacteria can get even more extreme than the most stubborn radical activist. These life forms are called extremophiles, for a good reason.

Ron Paul, Reversing the Power Now Centered in Washington?

Indeed, I have no doubt that Ron Paul is the only person standing who would decentralize the Warring Warthog's power. More than that; he would slash it, rip it apart, and sling it into the Potomac. That drives fear right up the groins of all statists. One huge strike against Mr. Paul, because our two Parties are made up of statists.

As far as a person, no one is cleaner than Ron Paul. As far as a political candidate, Paul has said nothing untoward, and he has done nothing untoward. He certainly has the fortitude to carry out everything he has laid out. 

One of his obvious faults is that he does not tittup to and fro across the stage, in the way let’s say, that Rick Perry or Mitt Romney do. Another fault is that he does not use phatic language, in the way let's say, that Newt or the Creature do. We do, after all, live in a giddy world where people suck down gleam and glitter as if they were bottles of sugar—gleam and glitter percolate their innards.

If we speak about oil buyers, we should do it from the view of the seller.If we have some crude oil, we cannot do anything with it, until we don't sell it. Oil can only be wrought and used in refineries, so it has no use having it at home. Also, we need to know what kind of oil we have, to know what kind of buyers we should search for.