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Tell Us We Can Expect from Obama in the Upcoming Debates?

What Do the 2008 Debates Tell Us We Can Expect from Obama in the Upcoming Debates? More Lies and More Distortions!

With the second 2012 presidential debate, a Townhall Forum, coming up on Tuesday, October 16, we decided that we would go back over our tape of the 2008 Townhall debate and the other two 2008 debates, to see what Obama said then and what perhaps we could expect this time around.

The amount of lies Obama told in the 2008 debates is staggering. Let’s go over a few of them.


First, Healthcare

Obama promised he would insure all Americans, that his health insurance plan would cut costs by $2500 a year per person, and there would be no mandate to buy insurance in his plan. He said that his plan would cost no more than $900 billion, which he would pay for "through cost savings," that people who want to could keep their current plan, and everyone could "have the doctor of his or her choice." He stated that "my plan will require no new taxes."

Every word in the above paragraph turned out to be either a distortion or an outright lie.

Not every American is insured—those who can’t get insurance but are deemed by the IRS (the fearfully dreaded bureaucracy that will run Obamacare) that they can afford it will be fined. There is indeed a mandate to buy health insurance. The on-average-cost per family for healthcare premiums has already risen just about what Obama said they would fall—an amazing $5000 inversion. Obamacare will cost businesses an extra $2000 to $4000 per employee. 

There are no cost savings—and the latest cost studies say that Obamacare will cost about $2.5 trillion—a staggering $1.6 trillion more than Obama claimed. 

There are twenty new taxes in Obamacare which will confiscate about $850 billion from the American people—eight of those new taxes are aimed directly at the middle class which Obama claims to care so much about. A host of panels—as many as 15—will decide what kind of care most people can receive and which doctor they receive it from.

Second, the Deficit, Jobs, and Entitlements

Obama said that the then $500 billion deficit was intolerable—and that he would cut that in half in his first term. In fact, he has doubled the deficit to over $1 trillion each of the four years he’s been in office—and has plans on spending even more over the next four years. 

Obama stated that his economic plan would create more than five million jobs. Well, he is at this time going around claiming he’s created 4.5 million jobs, and that is a jump from 2.2 million in July—amazing! The man wants the American people to believe the economy—now bumping along at a nimble 1.9% created some 2.3 million jobs in a only a few months—audacious!The truth is, as we here have pointed out for months, there has been a net loss of about 1.5 million jobs during Obama’s reign. He counts only jobs created—and those are dubious—he leaves out people who have left the work force.

"We’re going to have to take on entitlements, and we’ll do that within the first two years, for sure during the four years." He took them on alright. When the Democrats had both houses of the Congress during Obama’s first two years, they quietly—but vastly expanded every entitlement program. They increased the food-stamp program alone by almost 50%, adding another 15 million people to the roles. 

Third, Green Energy

It’s really beyond believable what Obama gets by with saying without anyone calling him on his claims.

We have already noted in an excellent article by Marita Noon how much money has been thrown down the "green energy" gullet and how many companies have gone bust and the others that are on the verge of busting out. 

Now, listen to this Obama distortion: "I will create jobs building solar panels and wind turbines and a new electricity grid—jobs that will help us eliminate the oil we import from the Middle East." 

Whoa! Holy Pinnochio—and the president’s snozz keeps growing!

You could ask after this statement, Is he simply an idiot? But from his record as the most brazen liar in public history, we know he knows better—that he is being his usual deceitful self. Solar panels and wind turbines and a new electricity grid (whatever that is) have nothing to do with Middle East oil importation (besides we have enough American crude to cover the domestic oil inventory requirements). 

His opponent, John McCain, just sat there like a dumbbell, saying nothing—neither did the moderator.

The only way to eliminate what everyone calls "our dependency on foreign oil" is to use our own natural earth fuels—yet Obama refuses to do that, has blocked drilling from coast to coast and on thousands of acres of public land, has his justice department trying to stop fracking. And his EPA has caused over 230 coal plants to shut down, and more will go down if he’s reelected.

Fourth, Green Jobs

Obama claimed he would create millions of green jobs. Well, after nearly $100 billion supposedly spent and lent for green energy, after taking out jobs the Obamaites put in their jobs-created claim file, such as the following: people who sweep floors in solar-panel manufacturing facilities and people who clean factories that build batteries for electric power; workers at environmental or science museums (including janitors); people who speak or write about the environment; workers who build rail cars; drivers of hybrid buses; all school bus drivers; people who fill buses with fuel; garbage, water, and sewer workers; anyone who works in a bicycle shop, and oil lobbyists whose companies are involved with environmental issues (which are all of them)—the millions of jobs promised turns out to be no more than 3366, according to Congressional Research Services expert, Dr. Molly Sherlock. That means—overall—that Obama spent billions to create a few thousand green jobs. Now there is a really brilliant policy wonk at his best.


Finally, Taxes

Obama promised to raise income tax rates on people making over $250,000 (once he said $200,000) and that he would cut tax rates for those making under $250,000.

Tax rates are the same today as they were the day he took the oath of office. 

Obama has made no real effort to do either of the above, except to showboat his love of the middle class and hatred of the rich by rejecting the House Republican plan to keep rates as they currently are.

All tax rates rise dramatically January, 2013, and Obama has stalled and stymied the entire years—most likely so that those rates will increase and he can blame the House Republicans.

There are no words to describe such shenanigans, such skullduggery, such jiggery-pokery, such deceit, such chicanery, such guile, such willful fraudulence poured on the American people.

Meanwhile, when he and his thugs are not attempting to demonize Mitt Romney, Obama is out on the stump saying basically the same things he said four years ago—plus promoting his phony accomplishments—nonexistent as they are. 

So, what can we expect from Obama in the next two debates: More lies and more distortions.

And the rest of the campaign: continued attempts to make Romney out an evil liar and a greedy capitalist and a heartless phony.

And if Romney doesn’t get on the offensive himself and stay there: Obama will most likely succeed in slandering Romney and will lie his way to another term as president.


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