Wednesday, 07 March 2012 00:00

The Real Andrew Brietbart

As all of you know, I don't get mushy when someone dies that I don't know-personally. And I don't make saints out of people simply because they've left this flesh. As far as I'm concerned, the truth ought to be the truth no matter where a person is, and that's one of the two things I want more than anything: truth. The other is freedom. For without those we may as well rename America Babylon.

Andrew Brietbart died this week at age 43. He was an expert at exposing what leftists are really doing rather than what they say they are doing. He was at times a blowhard. He was definitely a narcissist, perhaps not to the point that Obogo is, but nevertheless... He had no faith; his god was the fight, the attention, the roar of it all. He often took up for the enemies of freedom whom he liked. He hung around with neo-cons because he was one, partied with leftists, and was a Middle-East War Monger. He opposed Ron Paul, as all the neo-cons do.


But he has exposed a lot of truths about Obogo that no one in the media would mention, and he destroyed the terribly corrupt ACORN that helped to elect Obogo with illegal votes. That makes up for a lot of sins.

His steadfast dedication to exposing liars and con-artists will be missed.

For the real Andrew Brietbart, a keen eye can catch a little of all of the above from him here, in his last speech:


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