Tuesday, 11 September 2012 16:53

Accusations of Racial Slande

The Central Political Warfare Tactics of the Demented Left: Accusations of Racial Slander, Sexual Misconduct, and Stupidity

Part of the demented left's plan to win the upcoming elections is to twist everything GOP candidates say into hidden racist slanders-that only far-left wing-nuts can interpret. It's not a new tactic; they've been at it for years. Marxists invented the method in the 1920s.

In the psychology of political warfare, Leftists are not stupid. They know most Republican politicians will cower at the slightest snarl. That's why I call them Republicowards.


First, leftists make the idea of looking at someone through race evil, as if there are no differences among the races (genetics, anyone?). Anyone foolish enough to verbalize that position doesn't deserve anything but the hangman's noose. Second, they not only demonize that as racist-but certain views as racist. Then certain words and phrases. They add to these at their pleasure. Next, they use them in elections to keep their base voters fearful and to put their political opponents on the defensive. 

They then make sure certain groups get hit with leftist-invented evil-albeit imaginary-concepts that Republicowards are supposed to harbor. Often, a low-brow henchman will cough up an especially scary postulate to a group he knows will relate to it: "They gonna put y'all back in chains!"

Obama and his minions have been using this tactic since his first election. He's desperate today, so they're stretching everything their opponents say into racist terms. So far, it's kept the Romney people on the defensive-which, by the way-shows what a weak team he has. How could they not be prepared for the racial-slander warfare, the claims they hate women, and the anti-wealth warfare?

For demented leftists, their last bastion of warfare remains sex. 

They use it against men; but this tactic they especially like to place on women who call themselves conservative. With women they always include stupidity. Look what they've called Kay Bailey Hutchinson (extremist, racist, spaced-out), Jan Brewer (bitch, racist, extremist), Sarah Palin (stupid, adulterer, liar), Sharon Angle (dumb, stupid, extremist), Ann Coulter (bitch!, liar, info-slut), Meg Whitman (whore, bitch), Carli Fiorino (un-American, liar, hypocrite, extremist because she's a pro-life Christian), Linda McMahon (stupid, bankrupts companies, husband makes the money; she's a parasite), Laura Ingram (info-slut), and others over the years.

Have you ever heard anyone ask a similar question of Hillary Clinton or any other leftist women that NBC news agent Amy Robach asked-with a super serious tone-about Sarah Palin in 2008: "The broader question if Sarah Palin becomes vice president, will she be shortchanging her kids or will she be shortchanging the country?" No win for Palin in that question.

But of all the women I've seen get blasted by demented brains it is the current governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, when she was running for the office. 

SC Democrat Party chairman Dick Harpootlian and his crowd of deranged Bolshevik women haters tried to make the voters of SC believe the woman had been screwing everyone she'd ever met. A man who called himself a "conservative blogger" appeared and claimed he'd had an affair with Haley-and that he had proof. Harpooter and his mad dogs tossed the claims out over the state, even though no proof ever come out. Haley won, nevertheless.

A war on women anyone? Slanderous liars anyone?

Look for that to come popping out against Romney, as it did against Johnnie McCrazy, Baby Boy Bushwacker, Bob "I really believe in the 10th Amendment, although I've never mentioned it in my forty-years in office before the 1996 presidential election," Dole, and Papa Bushwacker. No proof. No evidence. Just claims in an attempt to scare a few voters who have no idea how vicious the Skunkmutts are.

Exactly how Romney and Ryan are going to get stupid, hateful, and racist over the next couple of months is a mystery at this point. They already supposedly hate women. One wonders when the strange Dumborat female, who just happens to live next door to David Axelrod or Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, is going to pop up and claim Romney has been having a thirty-year affair with her. No one will have seen them together, but she'll swear they have been; and the Marxist Media will cover every word of her claims and the leftist talking heads will discuss the mythical relationship for days on end. Romney will have to take time from his campaigning to deny the claims, and after he does out will pop a mysterious witness to the affair.

If the Republicowards knew anything about argumentative debate, they would anticipate these type of claims-bring them up as often as possible before they occur, and that would block most of the charges. (Lee Atwater, where are you?)

But no, I've not seen the slightest anticipatory language among the Republicowards in 2012-as I did not with Johnnie McCrazy in 2008. It figures. After all, Romney has several of McCrazy's political advisors in his campaign. Arrgh!

Does that not bring the old charge of "The Stupid Party" to mind?

If Romney wins this one, it might be a toe-tap toward convincing me in divine intervention-or even luck.


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