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Powerful, Corrupt Officials Not Easily Dislodged

Intro to Crooked Politician Finally Brought Down

The late John Murtha (Dum. PN) and Norman Dicks (Dum. WA) have stolen more money than even LBJ, who went to Washington in the early 1930s driving a 1922 jalopy and left in 1968 with 44-million in his bank account and owned banks and TV and radio stations across Texas. He went home to a 2200 acre ranch (called the Texas White House) that had its own airport. The only job Johnson ever had was that of a school teacher, at which he made $46.00 per month back in the 1920s. He made less than $800.000 during his time in the Federal Government.

Both Murtha and Dicks' family and friends have made hundreds of millions by their using their power to get them under- and over-the-table state and federal grants and contracts. 

Nowadays, these political thieves put their assets in their family's names-and tell their constituents they're worth little to nothing. After getting caught, they simply resign, then skate out the door freely. Many of them won't leave after getting caught. Charles Rangle (Dum. NY) is an excellent example of that. The Dumborat led House Ethics Committee found him guilty of eleven violations and reprimanded him (a real joke). He stepped down from his post as boss dog of the Ways and Means Committee, where he presided as a king. He has refused to resign from office saying, let the people vote me out. You couldn't nuke this man out of his Harlem congressional seat.

Similarly, the late Dan Rostenkowski (Dum. ILL)-a known crook-having come right out of the sidewinderly crooked Cook County Machine in Chicago. (Has there ever been a decent politician from Illinois? I wouldn't dare ask, honest, but only decent?) 


Rosty, as his fellow thieves called him, was head of the powerful Ways and Means Committee from 1981-1996. He waved his power in everyone's face-and all knew he was for sale and for high fees. The book "Chicago and the American Century" states that ole Rosty brought the bacon home in record amounts-for unions and the Devilrat Machine all over Illinois, but especially Chicago-coming to billions of dollars during his reign. 

Having been warned for years about his thieving ways-perhaps the most arrogant of all political thieves in modern history-Rostenkowski refused to stop his underhanded dealings and reportedly gave anyone the snoot who said anything about it to him. He finally went over the edge with the check-kiting scheme he conjured up in the House Post Office. Evidently taking the hit for oodles of other political thieves, he made a deal with a friendly Dumborat prosecutor (our current Attorney General, Eric Holder), pled guilty to mail fraud, and served a 17-month sentence in a federal country club. Nevertheless, he walked away a multi-millionaire-with no tax problems.

I would venture a guess that that rotten rat Nixon got away with about 10% of what LBJ did. Yes, Republicrooks steal, too; they just don't seem to take as much. The Republicrook Speaker of the House Denny Hastert (R-ILL, from 1999-2007), the man who helped Baby Boy Bush foist his statist bills and Two Wars on us, probably made $5-million on land deals in his own state (due to insider knowledge) while he was in power.

It's extremely difficult to get these thieving bastards out of office-once they get there, even though everyone in Washington knows they're crooks.

Dicks may not be prosecuted, but at least he's gone from office. That's a good thing!

Arletta Modellpog


Crooked Politician Finally Brought Down

By Mike Shedlock

I am pleased to report that Republican candidate Doug Cloud has finally brought down Democrat Congressman Norm Dicks, ranking Democrat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee.

Scandals surrounding Norm Dicks are long, and deep. However, it was a Freedom of Information request by Doug Cloud, involving FBI files from the lobbyist PMA Group that finally caused Dicks to step aside. 

Here is a bit of background on the now defunct PMA Group: 

  a.. In return for campaign contributions, PMA group clients received over $200 million in contracts. 

  b.. In November, 2008 FBI agents raided PMA's offices and removed records of the firm's political action committee and files from some of its employees. 

  c.. In January of 2011, Lobbyist Sentenced to 27 Months in Prison for Role in Illegal Campaign Contribution Scheme.

Guess who else is in those FBI files.

If your guess is Norm Dicks, your guess is a good one, according to Official Wire, in their version of the story One Of America's Most Powerful Congressmen Suddenly Retires. 

At the sentencing U.S. District Court Judge T. S. Ellis III called the scandal "one of the most extensive and long-running campaign finance schemes ever," telling [PMA Group Lobbyist] Magliocchetti, "You made this choice for one reason: greed." 

This scandal took down Rep. John Murtha, but, miraculously, Norm Dicks skated again. 

Keep reading from the source: finance.townhall.com -- House Dem Norm Dicks Steps Aside After FOIA Revelations


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