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Focus Back on the Economy and Gas Prices

NBC Apologizes for Showing Prejudicial Edition of the Zimmerman/911 Tapes

The most leftist of the three old Networks (which includes ABC & CBS), NBC News, apologizes for showing a very prejudicial edition of the Zimmerman/911 tapes. The original edition NBC showed was immediately picked up by the other Networks, cable channels, and FOX.

NBC News is the network that invented the new racial term-picked up quickly by the NY Times, Washington Post, the other Networks, and the cable channels-and obviously meant to stir racial fires: "White Puerto Rican." What else? 

The edited tape made it look as though Zimmerman was following Martin only because he was Black. The original unedited tape shows that is not the case.

We here have no opinion at all in this case. 

We would, however, like to ask this question as far as Obama goes: There have been thousands of black on black murders in his home district of South Chicago, in the murder capitals of the world, Oakland, CA; Detroit, MI; Camden, NJ; South LA, CA; Youngstown, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; and Richmond, California-yet Obama has not said one word about any of them. He's not called the first black parent in these areas. Why?

Well, here's why. Obama's polls have been crashing lately (mainly because of $4.00 a gallon gas), and they showed that the mad feminists and blacks who always vote to the Left no matter what were somewhat lethargic about getting out to vote for him. A good, old leftist induced crises was called for-to get the American people's mind off of the economy and gas prices and to stoke the fires that move his most solid voters.

So, the Left claimed a few weeks ago that Republicans have a war on women going, and this overblown case of a brown on black killing is meant to stir the blacks to get back out and vote for Obama. That's all it is.

Al Sharptongue and Jesse Jackoff will leave Florida after this mess, search for another place to stir up trouble, and never think again of the Martin family.

Obama-a cynic beyond belief-and his main handler, David Axelrod, will continue through the election lying about what Obama has done and not done and what the Republicans have done and not done-all to misdirect the American people's mind away from Obama, the biggest liar and con-artist ever to step into the White House.

Don't forget this as the election campaign heats to a boiling this summer. One can only wonder whether the Devilrats will run out of ways to misdirect the people's minds away from his many failures, lies, and deceitfulness.

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