Monday, 25 July 2011 11:06

Global Warming, The Big Joke

Did our elected politicians listen to the sane scientists? No. Why energy prices keep soaring beyond reason? This is a rhetoric question... Otherwise, we're the fools in this huge big joke they call "man-made global warming." It's another mistake ditched on the taxpayer, or is it a mistake or not?

“Man’s contribution to greenhouse gases is so small we couldn’t change the climate if we tried. We’re all going to survive this. In five years Global Warming will be seen as a big joke. It’s time to attack the myth of Global Warming. A combination of misinterpreted and misguided science, media hype, and political spin has created the current hysteria. It’s become a witch-hunt, a Salem witch-hunt. And it’s time to put a stop to it.” (Augie Auer, retired University of Wyoming professor of atmospheric science; 5-16,07)

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