Oil and Energy Prices, Questions and Answers

Intro to the Paul Driessen Article

Paul Driessen is an expert on energy sources, and always presents well-reasoned writings to back up his positions - not wild claims of forthcoming doom to humanity and the earth that never materialize. He is "senior policy adviser for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which is sponsoring the All Pain No Gain petition against global-warming hype."

He does not work for Big Oil. He does not work for Big Gas. He does not work for Big Coal.

The eco-maniacs hate him - obviously.

His points in this piece are widely unknown yet salient, and should be made known to all of society. 

It's my view that those who oppose his reasoning do so either because they are benefitting financially from Big Wind, Solar, Global Warming research funds or they are so brainwashed they can't possibly go against the propaganda they have swallowed.

Notice too that these are true subsidies Driessen is speaking of for Big Wind, which are direct costs to the taxpayers of billions annually. 

Can America become a crude oil exporter on the global market?

Across the United States are discovered enormous reserves of natural gas and crude oil. Novel exploration and exploitation technologies, such as fracking and horizontal drilling, are not cheap. However the high price of oil, around $100 per barrel, makes the new expensive techniques very profitable. Which means that oil deposits scarcity is not a factor in the US. 

Q. Is CO2 a pollutant?

A. No, it isn't!

Video of Seven World Renowned Scientists Refuting Al Gore's Claims That CO2 is Polluting the Planet and Causing Global Warming

Although the most extreme of the environmental movement lobbied the Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II Administrations to force their EPA to declare C02 as a pollutant, none would do it.

And why would they not do that? Because C02 is not a pollutant.

One definite scientific fact is that CO2 is the only substrate nature utilizes to build higher forms of organic compounds: life, for example!

Another scientific fact is that photosynthetic efficiency and rates increase along with carbon dioxide concentrations.

Is our planet actually cooling?

"The salient facts [regarding climate change] are these. First, the accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998. Oddly, this eight-year-long temperature stasis has occurred despite an increase over the same period of 15 parts-per-million (or 4 percent) in atmospheric CO2."

Did our elected politicians listen to the sane scientists? No. Why energy prices keep soaring beyond reason? This is a rhetoric question... Otherwise, we're the fools in this huge big joke they call "man-made global warming." It's another mistake ditched on the taxpayer, or is it a mistake or not?

Worse Hurricanes, A Dying Barrier Reef, Really?

Question:Are cyclones and hurricanes getting worse? How about the dying Great Barrier Reef? Is this environmental alarm true at all?

Answer: Wrong. Ryan Maue of Florida State University recently measured the frequency, intensity and duration of all hurricanes and cyclones to compile an Accumulated Cyclone Energy Index. (Big Oil does not contribute to Dr. Ryan Maue's department at FSU)

His findings? The energy index is at its lowest level for more than 30 years.

Global Warming Alarmists State That Seas are Hotter and Rising, Ture or False?

Question: Because of the global warming effect, is it true that oceans are hotter than before and is the sea level rising?

Answer: Wrong. The seas are getting cooler. For more than five years, a network of 3175 automated bathythermographs has been deployed in the oceans by the Argo program, a collaboration between 50 agencies from 26 countries.

Melting Polar Ice Caps, True or False?


Question: Is it true that the polar ice caps are melting? 

Answer: Wrong. The British Antarctic Survey, working with NASA, last week confirmed ice around Antarctica has grown 100,000 sq km each decade for the past 30 years. There has been no polar ice-cap melting at all!

Is Our Planet Warming Because of Industrial CO2 Emissions?

Question:Is it true that our planet suffers a global spike in temperatures because of increasing industrial carbon dioxide emissions? Jackie T., OH

Answer: Wrong. It is true the world did warm slightly between about 1979 and 1999, but even Professor David Karoly, one of the world's leading Warmers, admitted that "temperatures have dropped" since 1999 - "both in surface temperatures and in atmospheric temperatures measured from satellites." In fact, the fall in temperatures from just 2002 has already wiped out half the warming our planet experienced last century, which was only a little over one degree. (So says the latest data from Britain's Hadley Center, NASA's Aqua satellite, and the US National Climatic Data Center.) (None of the above-mentioned outfits is sponsored by Big Oil!)

Question: Are the oil companies really gouging us? If not, why does the price of gas keep going up? Mandy K., NC
Answer: They are indeed gouging. The price of a barrel of oil is set by commodity traders six months out on delivery. The price you hear the media announce every couple of minutes is not the price oil companies are paying at that time. The oil they're selling you today actually cost them much less. They have no business raising their prices in accordance with the daily price fluctuations of the oil futures market. One of the worst incidences of gouging I've ever seen is directly after Hurricane Katrina, when gas stations around the nation immediately raised their prices. This was a shame and a deep disgrace—and the nation should have rebelled at companies gouging their fellow-citizens during and after catastrophes. But our people are fat—and our government is bought off. So we have to sit back and take the shaft. For when governments team with big business, citizens have no chance except to eat salt for dessert—if that is what the pair so desires.
Question: It does look like we would run out of fuel if coal and oil were formed from plant and animal fossils because they have to be in limited supply. Won't we?
A & J, VA
Answer: Coal and oil were not formed by fossils; they are not "fossil fuels." This was a theory that began one-hundred-years ago when plant leaves and a few bird feathers were found implanted in coal only a few feet below the surface of the ground. Today, the media have made that theory into a myth-fact.
However, both coal and oil are natural creations of the earth, just as are granite and other materials that make up the earth. This particular myth-fact is sponsored mainly by oil companies—who want the world to believe that we're running out of oil, because the shorter supply of oil the higher the price and greater profit they can make.
There are several great books and articles on this subject. One is called