Tuesday, 20 September 2011 16:37

Will the Media Ever Call ?

I've been reading Thomas Sowell's articles for over 25-years, and I do believe this is the most strident one he's written over that period. He is obviously fed up with Obama's conning and lying -- and in particular that the media allow him to get by with it.
I've hardly paid the slightest attention to politics over the past few months, yet I've heard Obama tell some whoppers. Here are three of the biggest -- but they are not by any means the only ones I've heard.
One lie was that the Federal Government had built a fence along the southern border between the US and Mexico-but that anti-immigration types were still not satisfied. Maybe they wanted "a mote, too, with some alligators in it," he added. Well, there is no fence-just ask anyone in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. They are paying the horrible price of crime and drugs every day.
Another one is his adamant claim that "tax rates are lower today than they've been in 70-years." They are 35 percent today, but in the early `80s Ronald Reagan had them down to 28 percent. 
Another whopper is a statement he repeated twice -- banging his fist on the podium -- that the US is producing more oil today than it has at any time in history. Just going back 25-years to 1986 will show that oil production is off more than forty-five percent.
How can the media allow him to get by with constantly lying-and there's no question about it after we've known the man for over 4-years, he lies all the time? I've heard so many I can't count them all. If he makes a speech-and he does so every day-he lies. What does that tell us about our president? 
An even greater question is, What does that tell us about the entity -- the press -- that Jefferson said had an amendment set specially aside for it not to be restrained so that it could be a check on claims made by our government?
One thing we can easily conclude: Things are obviously not working out the way Jefferson planned. 
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