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Back to Tyranny

The Beast in Washington Has Come Full Circle: Back to Tyranny

Intro to Judge Napolitano's Article: The Beast Has Come Full Circle

My how the American people have changed since their Revolution from the tyrannical English beast that ruled them in the 18th Century: they have given the Central Government their ancestors created with strict limited powers the power to do anything it wishes. Yes, at this point there is no limit to what the US Federal Government can do. And many of the people are screaming in the streets for it to do more! 

Masses of American people want the Beast in Washington to steal (or print) more money to fight wars on every land mass on earth, to give them "free education," "free healthcare," "free food," "free rent" and/or a "free home"; they want the Beast to pay for disasters that may happen to them, to regulate, restrict, and tax others because they are envious of those who have managed to succeed in society, and then to give them money every month to do with as they please, and the list never ends.

What type of chains will it take to make a passive, bent over, enslaved nation wake up and yell, Stop the tyranny!! Stop the stealing!! Stop the wars!! Dismantle the Beast!!! 

Whatever it will take, we are far away from that point at this time.

Excellent article! Enjoy.

Arletta Modellpog

The Beast in Washington Has Come Full Circle: Back to Tyranny

By Judge Andrew Napolitano 

When the federal government was created, those who risked their lives and their fortunes and their scared honors to secede from England were animated by recent events. The government did not come into existence in a vacuum. Rather, those who led the Revolutionary War joined those who fought and financed it to create a central government that would be constitutionally incapable of doing to Americans what King George III and Parliament did to the colonists. 

The king abridged many personal freedoms, but among them, religion and the right to keep income were at the top of the list, along with the freedom of speech and the right to be left alone. The reason that religious rights and property rights so animated the Founders is simple: They had been aggressively assaulted by the British government, and most of it had to do with money. 

The king and Parliament imposed a tax on the colonists to support the king's church in England. And the king and Parliament imposed an obligation on the colonists to purchase the king's stamps and to affix them to all papers in their possession in America. The Stamp Act led to the invasion of the colonists' homes by British soldiers without warrants, ostensibly looking for the stamps. Both of these taxes led to the Revolution, and the bitter aftertaste they left behind, in turn, led to a firm determination on the part of those who wrote the Constitution to craft a document that would assure that the new government would be constitutionally incapable of similar behavior. 

How well have the Framers' hopes and plans and constitutional craftsmanship worked out? Not very well. I have written six books about the violations of the Constitution that the government has gotten away with. The feds take your taxes and give it to folks who will vote for them. They even fine churches that fail to violate their core teachings on contraception. These are not light or fleeting issues. 

Today, Americans who rely on government entitlements receive an average of $32,700 worth of benefits every year. The average American's annual income after taxes -- Americans who work, not those who receive benefits -- is $32,400. This is the first time in history that we have seen this inversion. I realize that this is just an average, but the numbers show, by a tiny amount, that the average recipient of entitlements has more disposable wealth than the average wage earner. 

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