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Obama's Plan to Win Reelection

Obama's Plan to Win Reelection: Cold Heartedly Tear America Apart by Splitting the Sexes, Races, and Religions

Introduction to Buchanan's Article: Subdividing America -- to Win, By Pat Buchanan
Besides the cold hearted, evil plan Obama has to win a second presidential term that Pat points out below, he has another prong to that strategy just as cynical and vicious.
Obama has recently asked for another $1.5 trillion to spend over and above the $3.8 trillion already budgeted for the government to spend (read: squander and buy votes) in 2012. 
These extra funds Obama and Biden claim - just as they did before the 2008 election - are desperately needed to "repair America's crumbling infrastructure" and to "provide jobs for the American people." Of course, the Republicowards hate America's infrastructure and hope it collapses and kills millions of innocent voters and they really enjoy seeing 25-million people out of work and suffering. So, they said no. Sadistic bastards! 
(Watch your news over the next year up to the election regarding the "crumbling infrastructure" claim, because if the Left repeats the pattern, they'll run out plenty of experts from Northern and Ivy League schools informing the nation of how America's entire infrastructure is in a serious state of dilapidation - mainly due to the Republicowards shirking roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, and all else they can dream up in exchange for giving tax cuts to the evil rich who've lived like African Rulers, Communist Dictators, and South American Leftists. [no, really, they'll say they lived like rich Republicans])
Just one thing, though. Except for the nation's interstate highways the rest of the infrastructure is the responsibility of cities and states. And by any account our interstate highways are in excellent shape. So where will the money that the Creature wants go - if it could get its paws on it? To the nation's largest cities - where most of the last $1.5 trillion in excess spending went, and that is where his constituents live.
One more thing, too. The Creature knows that he cannot possibly get the $1.5 trillion it's asking for because neither the Republicoward House nor the Leftist Dumborat Senate will pass such a bill and put that much money in the Creature's grubby paws. 
This is where the Creature's cynicism shows itself above the darkness within. Rather than take any responsibility for the shape of the nation's economy and the fiscal shape of the government, the Creature intends on blaming the Republicoward Congress - and most especially the Tea Party for allowing the nation to crash into recession (if it does) and to leave people out in the cold and out of work and to laugh while the nation's bridges fall into its nasty rivers, which the Republicans polluted.
Now, another thing. There are tops 60 Tea Party Members in the House out of 445. There are about 10 Tea Party Members in the Senate out of 100.
They have been in office for less than nine months. And they have not passed one, single piece of legislation.
Yet, everyday - from Bolshevik Bob Beckel to the far-left actor Morgan Freeman to crazies such as Maxine Waters and Barney Frag - you hear the Liarcrats bashing Tea Party supporters as racists, as obstructionists, as extremists, as controllers of the Republicoward Party who are holding the nation hostage with their extremist policies.
So, you see in the above strategy and the one Pat lays out below the overall plan you're going to see and hear from now (Fall 2011) until the election (November 2012) from the Devilrats and the Marxist media to get the Creature reelected.
Of course, the final prong to the Dumborat attack will be to slander, lie about, attack personally, and distort the views of whomever the Republicowards choose to run against the Creature.
Nothing much new in the tactics described above and below. Saul Alinsky thought of them in the 1940s and gave the "divide and conquer" idea to the then Socialist President, Harry Truman, who campaigned against what he called "a do nothing Congress" and won the 1946 election. 
Don't think this cynically evil strategy doesn't work; it has and it does. Whether the Republicowards have sense enough to see the screw balls coming and to deflect and defend against them and use the Lefts' lies against them is the question.
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