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Obama Spreads Poverty, Riots, Ruin

Introduction to Thomas Sowell's Thoughts on the Current Landscape

Not much intro needed here; Thomas Sowell is as clear and precise as ever. What about an 81-year-old who can write and reason as well as he does. Rare bird indeed. Interesting to see what his thoughts are because he thinks them out so well before putting them to print. No popping off by Thomas Sowell; that is something in itself to appreciate. You won't find any such nonsense as "it is what it is," which may be one of the more idiotic half-statements to pop up in our simplistic world. 

I have placed a couple of comments in paren.

Enjoy, Elmo Robbins


Random Thoughts on the Passing Scene

From Thomas Sowell
Like so many people, in so many countries, who started out to "spread the wealth," Barack Obama has ended up spreading poverty. (And this BO does not mind at all doing, because of what seems to most people as a negative result BO can keep hoi polloi fired to the gills with hate and envy against whomever he and his minions wish to demonize. Thus, the current kook riots can be justified and have specific enemies: the rich, corporations, Wall St., hedge fund traders, bankers, the Tea Party. It's much more than throwing raw meat to the dogs; it's siccing them on BO's prey. ER)
Have you ever heard anyone as incoherent as the people staging protests across the country? Taxpayers ought to be protesting against having their money spent to educate people who end up unable to say anything beyond repeating political catch phrases.
It is hard to understand politics if you are hung up on reality. Politicians leave reality to others. What matters in politics is what you can get the voters to believe, whether it bears any resemblance to reality or not. (Beautifully said and thought out. ER)
I hate getting bills that show a zero balance. If I don't owe anything, why bother me with a bill? There is too much junk mail already. (Everytime you receive a piece of junk email, put your cursor on that email, then go to message and hit block message; you won't receive anything else from that address. ER)
Radical feminists seem to assume that men are hostile to women. But what would they say to the fact that most of the women on the Titanic were saved, and most of the men perished-due to rules written by men and enforced by men on the sinking ship? (Find this type of gentleman sacrifice today. As I have written, the days of manners and gentility are over and gone-as Margaret Mitchell said, "with the wind." ER)
If he were debating Barack Obama, Newt Gingrich could chew him up and spit him out. (Only if Newt could stick to a few basic ideas; he has read so much that he has millions of them in that big head of his, and it's hard for him not to blast them all out at once. He needs to be on a tight choker chain at all times, or else he chokes himself with his foot. ER)
Whether the particular issue is housing, medical care or anything in between, the agenda of the left is to take the decision out of the hands of those directly involved and transfer that decision to third parties, who pay no price for making decisions that turn out to be counterproductive.
It is truly the era of the New Math when a couple making $125,000 a year each are taxed at rates that are said to apply to "millionaires and billionaires."
On many issues, the strongest argument of the left is that there is no argument. This has been the left's party line on the issue of man-made global warming and the calamities they claim will follow. But there are many scientists-some with Nobel Prizes--who have repudiated the global warming hysteria. (And more come on the truth ship every week. Others have stated that they fear to speak out, because the Left powers universities and think tanks and they are hyper-active against those who seek to reveal their deceit; and that does not bode well for anyone standing against their lies. ER)
With professional athletes earning megabucks incomes, it is a farce to punish their violations of rules with fines. When Serena Williams was fined $2,000 for misconduct during a tennis match, that was like fining you or me a nickel or a dime. Suspensions are something that even the highest-paid athletes can feel.
Most of us may lament the fact that so many more people are today dependent on food stamps and other government subsidies. But dependency usually translates into votes for whoever is handing out the benefits, so an economic disaster can be a political bonanza, as it was for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Don't count Obama out in 2012. (Don't forget this warning. 1st, it's very hard to unseat a sitting president, because he already has a pile of money backers with him, and he has the Bully Pulpit. 2nd, BO has two of the largest electoral states sitting in his lap: NY & CA. 3rd, he has the majority of the media; that means he can lie, deceive, and con with almost 100% impunity. 4th, BO obviously believes in the Marxist axiom that the means justifies the end, and he seemingly has no fear in saying or doing anything whatever. Those are four tough stones to crush. ER)
Politicians can solve almost any problem-usually by creating a bigger problem. But, so long as the voters are aware of the problem that the politicians have solved, and unaware of the bigger problems they have created, political "solutions" are a political success.
Do people who advocate special government programs for blacks realize that the federal government has had special programs for American Indians, including affirmative action, since the early 19th century-and that American Indians remain one of the few groups worse off than blacks?
I hope the people who are challenging Obamacare in the Supreme Court point out that the equal application of the laws, mandated by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, is violated when the president can arbitrarily grant hundreds of waivers to the Obamacare law to his political favorites, while everyone else has to follow its costly provisions.
People who live within their means are increasingly being forced to pay for people who didn't live within their  means-whether individual home buyers here or whole nations in Europe. (To be more blunt, the productive class, which grows smaller everyday, must pay for the parasitic class-which grows larger and more vocal every minute; moreover, they vote, because they know that's where their largess comes from. ER)
Regardless of how the current Republican presidential nomination process ends, I hope that they will never again have these televised "debates" among a crowd of candidates, which just turn into a circular firing squad-damaging whoever ends up with the nomination, and leaving the voters knowing only who is quickest with glib answers.
Have you noticed that we no longer seem to be hearing the old familiar argument that illegal aliens are just taking jobs that Americans won't do?
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