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Greedy, Crony and Commie

One of two types of people hate "free market capitalism": people who have become powerful due to being elected or appointed to a government office and cannot do anything in the real world to subsist, or they have a monopoly business and want to keep that monopoly. 

Or, they are people who must receive payments from the government to subsist (the money used to make such payments have been stolen from productive citizens by the State). Or through some other manner they suck off the government, such as lawyers who survive by suing businesses and sucking off the government by representing people who want money from the State; these type of lawyers produce zero and are

parasites (not all lawyers fall in this sick category; some represent clients the state has accused of breaking one of its billion laws; others represent people who have been truly wronged by private citizens, the government, or businesses).

Obama, Baby Bush to some degree, and definitely Clinton fall in the first category, because they have never produced anything, can't produce anything but bovine scatology, and thus need the government to be all-powerful and pick winners and losers in the business world to keep their power. (Baby Boy Bush is a modified form of parasitic bureaucrat, because his record shows that he believed government should pick winners and losers in the business world: ethanol subsidies and forcing citizens to dump Edison's light bulbs for another form of lighting). 

Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are prime examples of business people who have (or have had) monopolies and want government (or they themselves) to keep those monopolies for them. Gates worked in the business world to restrict free markets; Buffett works through the government. Buffett's insurance company had a lot of people and property insured in NY, and so when 9-11 occurred, he was the first one at the State Altar begging the government for money to keep from his company having to pay off. The Federal State came immediately with $40 billion, and that in part kept his insurance company from having to dole out a cent.

Teachers often hate free markets and business, because people make more money than they do in the private sector; and teachers often become such elitists that they think they're smarter than everyone else (though most of them can't make it in the real world) and they believe the government should restrict and regulate the private sector through heavy taxation and transfer that money to them-because they deserve it moreso than people who earned it.

All of the above goes without saying regarding Union Bosses, who produce only rankor and hatred between management and workers.

Walter Williams writes as though haters of freedom don't understand it, but they do. Freedom just does not benefit them, so they fight against it-and they most often do that through the Federal State, which has given itself the power to do almost anything to the serfs it calls citizens.

Real free markets and freedom in all areas aid society, though some people must suffer. But hell, are they not suffering now - after 70 years of Statism?

Good article by Walter Williams, per usual. Good lesson for us all.


Greed Aids Society, By Walter Williams

What human motivation gets the most wonderful things done? It's really a silly question, because the answer is so simple. It turns out that it's human greed that gets the most wonderful things done. When I say greed, I am not talking about fraud, theft, dishonesty, lobbying for special privileges from government or other forms of despicable behavior. I'm talking about people trying to get as much as they can for themselves. Let's look at it.

This winter, Texas ranchers may have to fight the cold of night, perhaps blizzards, to run down, feed and care for stray cattle. They make the personal sacrifice of caring for their animals to ensure that New Yorkers can enjoy beef. Last summer, Idaho potato farmers toiled in blazing sun, in dust and dirt, and maybe being bitten by insects to ensure that New Yorkers had potatoes to go with their beef.

Here's my question: Do you think that Texas ranchers and Idaho potato farmers make these personal sacrifices because they love or care about the well-being of New Yorkers? The fact is whether they like New Yorkers or not, they make sure that New Yorkers are supplied with beef and potatoes every day of the week. Why? It's because ranchers and farmers want more for themselves. Read more...

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