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A Quick Guide to the Tax Plans of Obama & Romney

Simple and easy to understand, Obama's and Romney's tax plans side-by-side. Which one would you rather have?


Dear Concerned Citizens:

It's my view that federal spending at 18% of GNP is too high. For those of you who recall, that's what we were spending during the Cold War. When the Marxist Wall came crashing down in 1989, spending was supposed to come down. Under George "Papa" Bush it instead rose.

Now, we have Obama, the all-time big-post-WWII spender, who, if you listen to what he's saying, if elected to another term will spend even more than he did in his first term. Most of the monies he's splashed out over the world have gone to local and state governments, making them bigger and more powerful, and must we not forget the $2 billion to Brazil to help that nation with their offshore drilling. That certainly helped the US economy.

You should notice, too, that all the spending under Obama and Carter did not help the economy. Don't forget that Obama & Co. (especially Paul Krugman) claim that Obama's call for "stimulus spending" of what has amounted to over a trillion dollars in a little over three years was not enough; they've even hinted at spending more to "stimulate the economy." That's what leftists like the Bushes and Obama do: they spend and build the government. Clinton started out increasing spending, but got shut down after Hillarycare came crashing down and his own Congress wouldn't work with him to give him the funds he asked for.

Look how much of the "stimulus funds" went to building the government, to make it more powerful. Does adding 25,000 new IRS agents and oodles of new bureaucraces and Czars help the economy? Bah!!

Berry Jingles

The Real Cost of Obamacare, and a List of the New Taxes it Requires

Three years after the Demonrats foisted this monster onto the American people, the Geeknerbs at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently reevaluated the net cost of Obamacare: instead of the $940 billion cost over ten years that Obama claimed it would cost, the CBO now says that it will cost $2.6 trillion. 

If the US Supreme Court allows this horrid bill to stand as law, Obamacare will be the largest tax increase in American history and it will be the greatest intrusion into the American people's lives in history.  On top of that, the emergency taxes enacted after 9-11 will increase, and in some cases over 100%.

The Beast in Washington Has Come Full Circle: Back to Tyranny

Intro to Judge Napolitano's Article: The Beast Has Come Full Circle

My how the American people have changed since their Revolution from the tyrannical English beast that ruled them in the 18th Century: they have given the Central Government their ancestors created with strict limited powers the power to do anything it wishes. Yes, at this point there is no limit to what the US Federal Government can do. And many of the people are screaming in the streets for it to do more! 

Masses of American people want the Beast in Washington to steal (or print) more money to fight wars on every land mass on earth, to give them "free education," "free healthcare," "free food," "free rent" and/or a "free home"; they want the Beast to pay for disasters that may happen to them, to regulate, restrict, and tax others because they are envious of those who have managed to succeed in society, and then to give them money every month to do with as they please, and the list never ends.

What type of chains will it take to make a passive, bent over, enslaved nation wake up and yell, Stop the tyranny!! Stop the stealing!! Stop the wars!! Dismantle the Beast!!! 

Whatever it will take, we are far away from that point at this time.

Excellent article! Enjoy.

Arletta Modellpog

Intro to Sowell's Article: "A Brass Age"

"Hey, Beavis, pull your pants down so your butt crack will show." 

"Oh yeah, Butthead-cool-the butt crack is awesome!! Hee, hee, hee, hee." (Butthead & Beavis, two characters that perfectly epitomize the Tattooed, Non-Reasoning, Cynical Bong Baby Generation that make up Sowell's "Brass Age")

Thomas Sowell is about reasoning, about thinking for oneself, about overlooking the common view, and deciding through research and reason what the truth truly is. This is something that Bong Babies have not learned to do, or either are not able to do. This I have not yet decided, but am at this point sadly leaning toward the latter conclusion.

Florene McGillycutty


"It may be a good thing if we plan on being in Iraq for a long time, maybe another 50-years." (Newt Gingrich when Baby Boy Bush's slaughter in Iraq began)

When Newt Gingrich left New Hampshire week before last, his campaign was broke. All of a sudden in SC Gingrich had a flood of money to knock off Mitt Romney with ads.

One of two types of people hate "free market capitalism": people who have become powerful due to being elected or appointed to a government office and cannot do anything in the real world to subsist, or they have a monopoly business and want to keep that monopoly. 

Or, they are people who must receive payments from the government to subsist (the money used to make such payments have been stolen from productive citizens by the State). Or through some other manner they suck off the government, such as lawyers who survive by suing businesses and sucking off the government by representing people who want money from the State; these type of lawyers produce zero and are

Ron Paul's Words of Warning From 1983 to 2008

Check Ron Paul out in this film of him from 1983 through 2008. 

Very worth listening to; take the ten minutes and do it. And to think that the media and both Parties have tagged Ron Paul as a nut. That alone shows the state of our sick nation! 

If you were to print money, they'll put you in jail. But banks are allowed to create money with every new signed loan. Banks can loan out nine times more money than they receive in deposits. And not just citizens borrow money from banks, but most importantly governments. In this apparently complex cycle, banks create and develop debt, personal and national. It turns out that more than three fourths of circulating money is in fact debt not monetary mass.   

One may rightfully point fingers and one could justify a way or another. But that's mostly bad blood because nothing short of a major disruptive event would make things right in a world of wrongs. 

Remember those mid summer rantings about conservative investments as opposed to high growth stocks? The sane advice is for you to put your money where they can earn you a more stable and consistent value over a longer period of time. A slow gowth is not to be feared, given it is based on financially sound stocks. Industries at the base of the foodchain constitute a point of interest here. Raw materials, including crude oil and natural gas, along with coal and nuclear fuel, are the primary pillars of the global economy. Take out the energy created by these industries and the ecosystem above will suddenly cease to exist. 

Introduction to Thomas Sowell's Thoughts on the Current Landscape

Not much intro needed here; Thomas Sowell is as clear and precise as ever. What about an 81-year-old who can write and reason as well as he does. Rare bird indeed. Interesting to see what his thoughts are because he thinks them out so well before putting them to print. No popping off by Thomas Sowell; that is something in itself to appreciate. You won't find any such nonsense as "it is what it is," which may be one of the more idiotic half-statements to pop up in our simplistic world. 

I have placed a couple of comments in paren.

Enjoy, Elmo Robbins

Obama's Plan to Win Reelection: Cold Heartedly Tear America Apart by Splitting the Sexes, Races, and Religions

Introduction to Buchanan's Article: Subdividing America -- to Win, By Pat Buchanan
Besides the cold hearted, evil plan Obama has to win a second presidential term that Pat points out below, he has another prong to that strategy just as cynical and vicious.
Obama has recently asked for another $1.5 trillion to spend over and above the $3.8 trillion already budgeted for the government to spend (read: squander and buy votes) in 2012. 
I've been reading Thomas Sowell's articles for over 25-years, and I do believe this is the most strident one he's written over that period. He is obviously fed up with Obama's conning and lying -- and in particular that the media allow him to get by with it.
I've hardly paid the slightest attention to politics over the past few months, yet I've heard Obama tell some whoppers. Here are three of the biggest -- but they are not by any means the only ones I've heard.
I have written extensively about how the government forced banks and lending institutions to lend money to people for homes that they could not possibly afford. The government-created entities that we call Freddie and Fannie encouraged this wild lending. These disastrous actions brought about the largest economic blow up in history, costing trillions of dollars in individual and family net worth, lost loans to lending institutions, states, and nations, and government bailouts and guarantees.
In short, the whole debacle began with Jimmy Carter in the late 1970s, slowed down yet did not stop with Reagan and Papa Bush, then sped to warp speed under Clinton. Although Bush tried to put the brakes on Fannie and Freddie, he also thought it a good idea that "every American be a home owner," which is, of course, a leftist Utopian idea and insane -- he thus encouraged his FHA to promote "home ownership for every American." I suppose this is what he meant when he called himself a "compassionate conservative." Do you think? 

You don't have to be an idiot to be a sucker at something, especially gambling and investing. People who're capable of running large businesses and making millions of dollars make some of the worst investors and the biggest suckers. Running a business where you have a profit locked in every time you make a sale is a lot different from investing your money in something that might give you a return on your money after a period of time and might not. In the latter situation the smartest of people tend to want to grab at the fastest moving, thinnest straw, rather than the slowest, fattest one. No matter how many examples you give them of the tortoise outrunning the hare, they still want to climb on what they see as the investment fast track. The exotic hare is seductive; the plain-looking tortoise is boring.