On the roads of the United States we can see different types of cars. There are the huge trucks and the jeeps, but also the newly imported Japanese passenger cars. A colorful range of sizes and weights. Unfortunately, this is also the leading cause of almost every car accident. If a SUV crashes into a Mini, it is no surprise, that one of the drivers will lose his life. However, it will be complicated to change the fashion of cars people are using today, because a lot of them are buying this motors because of the separated fuel economy.

Oil is one of the oldest resources on Earth. Together with natural gas it's one of the byproducts of carbon. The origin of oil is based on a billion years long process.

Everyone realizes that the oil-based products, which we see every day, are not in their natural intensive, black, crude form. Even in school we learned about the process of refining the oil, how to obtain various products and materials out of raw oil. Also, I think it's important for people to know about this process, because many earn their living from the sale and purchase of this raw material, or from its derivatives and byproducts.

200px-GreenPaintBucketRomeAlthough oil is one of the basic materials for the modern industry, it isn't a new resource element in the history of humanity.

Our ancestors knew about it thousands years ago, because it was quite easy to find crude from the ground.

Oil has a lighter density than water, and one may find it actually on the surface of sand-, shale clay-, or different carbon sediment floors.