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Recent Quotation from Joe Bastardi

Recent Quotation from Joe Bastardi, Someone Who Has Fought the Warmers and Exposed Their Ludicrous Claims for

"It's been nice and warm in the U.S. this past week, but get ready: Winter is coming (it has already started in the plains) and lest we forget, there were 2 snow events in the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia northeastward in November, a rare event.

But did the AGW people let you know what is going on in Europe, or the far east, or Alaska where November was the coldest on record, BEATING LAST YEAR'S RECORD? It was 10 years ago that AGW people were saying that snow and cold would be increasingly rare in Europe, and this is now the 4th severe winter in a row with winter weather causing havoc.

Alaska — the supposed Canary in the coal mine of global warming because it was warm when the Pacific was in its warm phase — is in for yet another severe winter with record rapid ice growth in the seas around them. Frozen canaries can't sing.

It is clear what the strategy is. Al Gore claims the earth has a fever (no, the solution is not "more cowbell" for you SNL fans). Instead, it's to debunk AGW claims at every turn.

In fact, the AGW idea is akin to filling up your bathtub with hot water, noticing that the air in the bathroom warms and the mirror steams up, and then concluding it was because you turned on the light when you went in.

We own the high ground, the science, the economics, and the social aspects of this fight. There is no reason to be on the defensive when you are in the right, and the use of facts in the face of the opposition and demanding they explain their positions against these facts is the way to counter this assault."

Note 1: The Warmers have attacked Bastardi by every vicious means they can conjure up. He has stood firm, and actually predicated the cooling period in North America that has occurred since the late 1990s. Notice he points out that the weather outside of NA was quite cold over the last four years, yet the American weather stations conveniently did not report that, or at least rarely did so.

The Warmers' most recent answer when you point out this fact: "You don't understand the difference between weather and climate."

Amazing! But this shows their fanaticism. And there it is for all to see.

Note 2: Joe Bastardi was graduated from Penn St. with a degree in meteorology on March 4, 1978. He worked for AccuWeather from 1978 until February, 2011. He joined WeatherBell Analytics LLC as Chief Forecaster in March, 2011.


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