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In Conclusion to the Ten Most Blatant Lies

In Conclusion to the Ten Most Blatant Lies Used to Promote the Global Warming Hoax

The Insanity Continues 
Without any serious study whatever, due to pressure from the eco-maniacs, the Bush Administration declared polar bears an endangered species, and they are indeed the perfect symbol of the blind faith the Warmers have - but now, after thorough research
on the bears has been concluded, it shows that their numbers have in fact increased over the last 25-years. 
Besides that folks, polar bears are land-based animals; they don't live on the polar caps, and so if they were melting it would hardly affect these magnificent animals.
Now, it does not bother me in the least to make them and whales and the like off limits for killing; they shouldn't be eaten and we surely don't need their skins.
Nor do we need whale oil!
But by putting them on the endangered species list also means that anywhere they live is off limits to drilling for oil or gas, which is super foolish. The land set-off is not fully in effect, but it does negatively affect drilling; it's a technical mess, brought to you by your favorite entity: the Three-Headed Beast in Washington.
So the government needs to stop this crazy panic. Stop these crazy claims. And stop attempting to change the world because they have a sickening, visceral hatred for oil, gas, and coal. 
One of the central problems is that once people accept a negative as fact it's almost impossible for them to reject it and accept the positive side of the proposition. However, it's just the opposite for the flip side to jump from the positive to the negative.
Moreover, the Left that so hates businesses of all types, except for Snakewood and the media, and wants to control the actions of every human, are relentless and shameless in their willingness to lie. This will not stop. I therefore cannot see the trend toward believing in the Myths of Global Warming to stop either. For once the negative is accepted, it seems that no amount of evidence, truth, or proof can
move people to the positive side.
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