Friday, 15 June 2012 13:50

Gotcha! How the Obamaites Lie and Distort the Number of Jobs They Claim to Have Created

Obama began a couple of months ago claiming 2 million jobs have been created during his 3 1/2 years in office. When he saw the Marxist media let him get by with that lie, he jumped the number to 2.4 million, and then last week in one speech to "over 4 million." He finished the weekend off by claiming 4.3 million. Wow. What a brazen liar. Look for all the lefist minions to repeat that latest figure in the coming weeks, because they jump on the lying train as fast as the Administration sets it in motion.


To give some credit to the leftist media, the Washington Post called him on these figures and politiely awarded him a few Pinocchios for the way his Administration distorted the figures for his claims.

The truth is, the Obamaites have taken 7.9 million people off the unemployment rolls even though they're still out of work. Many are still looking for work; others have given up. Taking into account the number out of the 7.9 million who retired, Obama has had a net loss of jobs during his rule of at least 1.4 million. Which is a number far and away from the 4.3 million this boastful liar claims to have created.

To be truthful, Obama has had zero to do with much of the figures bandied about. But if he, as other presidents have, is going to twist the numbers to favor his tales, then we're going to expose him.

Then there are "green jobs." Obama claims he's created hundreds of thousands of those little jiggers. Another huge lie!

This bunch makes up numbers as fast as they can twitch their tongues. E.g., at one plant in California, there are 500 employees; the Obamaites claim "700 new green jobs" at that plant. They definitely fail to mention that the cost of creating these "green jobs," if they were real, is several hundred-thousands-dollars for each one.

That's not all they do!

House Government Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa questions BLS Director John Galvin on the bureaucracy's definition of what qualifies as a green job. This is how Obama gets his claim of "hundreds of thousands of green jobs created."

In this video you will see how deviously deceptive the Obamaites are. Notice Issa points out that Galvin is a very reluctant witness who had to be ordered to stand before the committee. No wonder! He can hardly face the chairman when answering the questions.

Is That a Green Job?

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